Meeting an online friend
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I’m excited. It’s not 100% yet, but I might be meeting my long-term online friend Bine from Dresden. She’s probably visiting Munich in March with her boyfriend, I really hope they’re coming, and then we would meet.
Exciting – I’ve never met one of my online friends. I, in generally, know less people from Germany who post blogs or in forums. None of my friends have a site.

Have you ever met some/one of your online friends? If no, would you want to? If yes, was it awkward?

The Search Queries of my last post all went to those posts:

  • Just a Hello

    for the boob links – I even posted some lovely drawings
  • I’m a caprihorn

    for the pimple links – “horns” growing out of me

I’m off to work, wishing you a lovely day 😆

Search Queries
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I thought I’d check my search queries for schatzi.me and I came up with the following searches:

  • How do I get rid of the pimples on my boob?
  • Why do I get zits on my face one week before my period
  • Red dots forehead zits
  • boobs disappear when i lie down
  • booby pictures

Heh. 😀

What are some of your weird search queries?

Research Fun

As some of you know, I’ve started my lovely Thesis about TerraSAR-X on Monday.

Until now I’m doing researches, I went to the library and got lots of books about SAR, Radar… last week, I discovered Google Books I’ve been reading a lot.

Seeing I did quite some reading, I figured it was time to write the basic principles of SAR and Radar. So, full of enthusiasm I opened Word and then – then I just sat there. I didn’t know how to start and what the hell to write. I’ve heard that’s normal though, so I’m not worrying at the moment. I still have lots of time (which, I bet, will just fly).

Thanks again all Snarkers for replying to this thread. I ordered a Dell last night. They had an offering until February 26st, which made the laptop I ordered 60 Euro cheaper than usually. ❓

I tried to keep the laptop as cheap as possible, seeing I have a great Dell desktop (I prefer desktops) and only need the laptop for my thesis (how spoiled does that sound). Ah, I was so happy that during my five years of studying I wasn’t the typical student who had a laptop. I thought I’d never be the owner of one (well, I do have a laptop at the moment, it’s my mom’s with rocking 128mb RAM and 3GB disk space) and now, as of March 20th, I’ll be an owner as well. The laptop will cost me 600€ ((about $880, 450 pounds)), that’s money I currently don’t have and I’m happy to have an older sister who’s working and will lend me that money. I’ll pay her back on a monthly basis.

I actually didn’t want a laptop seeing I don’t need it necessarily (it’s just so much more practical), but now I’m looking forward to it.

As said above, I tried to keep the laptop as cheap as possible, I did order two luxury items though, I couldn’t resist.

flamingo-pink dell
The Flamingo-Pink Cover (I’m such a sucker for pink 🙂 )

A glossy true-life screen (also after reading this blog entry)

It’s the Inspiron 1525 with Vista Home Premium (I can’t wait to see how that OS looks like) it has a 15.4 inch screen, 2GB RAM, no dual-core processor and no camera (who needs a camera).

Do you prefer laptops or desktops? Why?

Entertaining Links
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I have been a member of Stumbleupon.com quite some time but never really engaged with it. Until today. I installed the Firefox plugin for it and stumbled around the web. Here are some nifty pages I found:

Raings taken from Motion Picture Association of America hehe 😛

Now for those readers who don’t give a *** about links, here my lifestory.

After bragging on Sarai’s blog a few days ago about not being sick in about a year – BAM – it hit me and I ended up having my booty hanging over the toilet the whole Friday and my face hanging in my Hello Kitty trash can.

I felt like a fountain – just not as nice to look at.
On the top front and middle behind it came out like water (that’s why the fountain-feeling).

This stomach flu lasted the whole Friday, and then, Saturday, it was all over. Of course I had circulation problems and headache which made me feel worse. The fountain part wasn’t even all this bad (well, it’s not fun either), but after going to the toilet I felt good. But because I guess I didn’t drink enough and didn’t have enough fluids in me the headache got worse. Oh well, today it’s all good again so tomorrow I can go into work with a cleaned out body and new strength (um, yeah…)

Grades Day – or Valentine’s?
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We got our grades of the exams we wrote two weeks ago today. On February 14h at midnight, so Wednesday night. I’ve learned my lesson the last few semesters not to stay up and wait to go online and check my results. 15.000 other students may also wait to get online to check and the server will not load. Until maybe 2am then.

So, I went to bed, got up this morning and checked. Here are my results which I will explain below:

  • GIS-Cartography: 1,3
  • Remote-Sensing Cartography: 2,0
  • GIS: 2,3
  • Print-Media II: 2,0
  • Geography II: 1,7
  • Quality-Management: 1,7

Best Grade in general = 1,0, if you flunk you get a 5,0 so 4,0 is the worst grade you can get. It goes 1,0 – 1,3 – 1,7 – 2,0 – 2,3 … until 4,0. 1 = Very Good, 2 = Good, 3 = Satisfactory, 4 = Adequate.

So I did best in GIS-Cartography and worst in GIS. I feel ok about my grades. I thought I did worse in Geography but I also thought I did better in Remote-Sensing Cartography.

Next semester I’ll be writing my last exam (subject: business start-up) and then the studies are over. Kinda sad, but kinda nice though too.

On Monday, Feb 18th I’ll be starting my 42+ week on writing my thesis ((The analysis of TerraSAR-X Data compared to optical data based on the classes coniferous-, deciduous- and mixed forest)) *sigh*. I’m not really in the mood, I’m enjoying my free time at the moment. I really hope that the Remote-Sensing company ((where I’m writing my thesis)) will take me over, but allthough working with Satellites and Satellite-Images is a little dream job of mine, I think I’d be more happy in the Webdesign/Graphical Industry.

So, my next blog posts will probably contain my rants about how much I hate Satellites and how my thesis is pissing me off 😛

Photo Post
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I haven’t posted pictures in a long time. I haven’t been taking photos in a long time, either.
So, instead of letting my words entertain you, I’ll just leave that to the photos today, which have been shot this weekend. We had great weather here 🙂

Street in Munich – taken this morning, when I drove home from a friend
BMW Welt
BMW Architecture
BMW Welt Architektur
BMW Welt – this is where people pick up their new BMW.
BMW Welt
Went there on a Sunday – with a bunch of other people. Thanks to Photoshop, those people now are gone 🙂
BMW Welt, Olympiaturm
BMW Welt Olympiaturm, BMW Welt
A pink rose
This is a pink rose I got
SQL doesn’t help me on paper. Typical students – know how to use it in theory, but when it comes to a website? Pfft…

I hope you like? Criticism is welcome.