Alex, Rocco and myself
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I surprised my lover today.
I took picked him up at 10am and took him to the animal home to take one or two dogs for a walk. You might think “what a surprise”, but we both love dogs and we both can’t have dogs (well, we could, if we wanted to kill it because we both only live on 20 – 30 sqare meters). And after searching the Internet I found out that you can take dogs for a walk everyday from 9am to 12am.

We got a German Shepherd, his name was Rocco.

Alex and Rocco pict3880.jpgpict3881.jpgpict3882.jpg
The last dog was a dog we saw by passing some rooms and he looked at us so cute ๐Ÿ˜€

We took him for a walk one hour. Well, Alex did, luckily. Rocco pulled like crazy and Alex is a little stronger than I am. A little only ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, we might do that more often now, it’s so nice to see how happy and euphoric dogs are when they know they’ll be taken for a walk ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh yeah, the pope is coming to Munich on Saturday, holding a church service on sunday and the safety measures here in Munich are so freaking ridiculous and it’s driving me crazy and insane. Worse than for the President! … Bikes get thrown away, gullies are been made closed, every where in the city there’s NO parking etc etc etc etc… Insane! I’m driving to my parents!

New Theme
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So, I got sick of the last layout quite fast. Now let’s see how long I can look at this colorful-er one.

Yesterday I cooked for my “not-yet-mother-in-law”. I made Mexican food. But before I could cook for her I had to clean my apartment, which took me about 4 hours. Well, I wanted things perfect. After I was done cleaning the boyfriend and I went to the Botanical Garden to take pictures. You can see them on the Sidebar. Lovely flowers. We came home at about 5.45pm and then I prepared the Tacos.

His mom and six-year old niece came over at 6pm. Luckily they liked my cooking, so now I guess I’m good enough for the lover… haha…

I quit Wasn’t exactly what I expected.. allthough I don’t really know what I expected.

Newton and Co.
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I watched an interesting reportage yesterday. It contained great discoverers like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Dimitri Mendelejew and the subject chemistry.

They said something very interesting about gravitation and chemistry and the human being. In physics, gravitation or gravity is the tendency of objects with mass to accelerate toward each other (Thanks wikipedia). Which is pretty much the same with the human being. People have tendencies toward other people and they have a centrifugal force toward people. Not only toward people, to objects in general. I liked that ๐Ÿ™‚

Starbucks in Munich is looking for people. I wish I could apply, but I’m still working at the Real Estate on a 400 Euro Basis (=510 dollar), which is a good job, but at the moment there is no work at all and that sucks pretty damn much. Also in October I’m starting the remote sensing job where I’ll have a 43+ week so I’m pretty sure I won’t be in the mood at all to work on the weekends too.

Tomorrow I’ll be looking for an external hard disk. My computer turns itself off when it’s in the mood to. That is quite annoying. I have no idea what’s wrong with it, I’m scared to get it fixed and pay a lot of money. Also if it won’t work one day I know my data will still be there, but I still would like to also have it saved on an external hard disk.

Not much news going on, just that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore.

Mad World
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Some girls buy makeup, some girls buy clothes, I instead, buy maps.
I had a world map in my old apartment, but I left it there. A few days ago, out of the blue, I thought I’d like one again, so I bought one. Unfortunatelly mine doesn’t have the country borders. I also bought a map of Munich and I saw a Globe of Munich (which has to be totally distorted) – things like this let a Cartographer’s heart grow fonder. Well, mine at least. Beautiful!
Yesterday the boyfriend and I watched a movie, “Das Experiment”, based on the Stanford Prison Experiment. I’ve seen that movie once before and I think it’s terrible. Terrible to know what people can turn into when they have the power of authority.
Talking about the power of authority, an Austrian girl, who has been kidnapped eight years ago (at age 10) was found a few days ago. She was captured by a 44 year old man who killed himself after he noticed that the girl fled. Such a coward! Has deleted all his problems by killing himself.

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I do rant a lot at times. When someone makes me want to rant ๐Ÿ˜‰ Instead you can also call it “Discussing in a louder voice” or “typing fast while shaking the head” though.

Last friday, Alex, the boyfriend, and I, took some work home with us. Meaning, envelopes and letters that needed to get sent out. Taking 300 envelopes and 300 x 2 letters with us was never a problem with the company. It’s way more pleasant to sit at home, infront of the TV or while listening to music, and placing the letters into the envelopes there.

To make, once again, a long story short, one of the employees bitched about us taking the work home (which, as said before, was never a problem before). She didn’t bitch at us though, she bitched at my sister (who is also an employee there). She was all nice to us, saying thank you for bringing the letters.

Either she takes herself way too serious or she didn’t like it that we didn’t ask her if we can take the work home with us. Or maybe she’s on her period? ๐Ÿ˜€

So after I delivered the envelopes and stamped them, I took them home again, so that I could throw them into a mail-box. While I was riding my bike through Munich it started to drizzle, a few minutes later it rained, another few minutes later it was raining cats and dogs.

That’s when I sit on my bike and start laughing – there’s nothing else you can do anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰ After about 15 minutes I reached the mail-box. I threw in the letters and then searched my backpack for my house key (seeing my apartment was only 1 minute away) and then realized that I forgot it at work! It has never happened to me before – forgetting my house key somewhere. Damn was I pissed, mainly because of the rain and the fact that I haven’t eaten anything and it was 3pm already.

The whole situation made one bitchy, hungry, soaking wet, pms-ing bitch out of me ๐Ÿ™‚ The only one who had the honor of meeting that bitch was Alex though, oh, and one chick who cycled over the street with her bike, allthough she had red. It wouldn’t have bothered me, but I was the one who had green and almost (intentionally of course) drove into her. I didn’t call her names, I just said she should move it! and she did, so… everything ok.

Now everything is good, I got into my apartment, I got food, I got dry, I got Period…

I’m currently reading a biography about Albert Einstein. Quite interesting. It makes me realize – again – how easily people are affected by “what other people said”.
Mothers tend to tell their kids, who might not be all that successful in school (which is a normal thing, for sure), not to give up hope, because Albert Einstein also flunked a class.

No, he didn’t (it says here), but people still will want to believe the rumor. Oh, gotta love the blue-eyed people who believe everything.

But why do people, their personality, their opinions, their attitude affect me so much? Why can’t I just get over it. In every day of my life there will be people, who won’t behave the way I’d like to see them behave. They won’t say “Thank you” where I think it’s appropriate, they won’t hold the door open for you allthough you’re right behind them.

A few days ago we went for a walk in the Englischer Garten. The paths there are for both, pedestrians and bicyclists. Four of us were walking next to each other when we heard a bell of a bike ring. I had no idea where the bicyclist wanted to pass us, I accepted him to pass left, where there were a little less people. Turns out he wanted to pass right where I was walking.

To keep a long story short, he was a 80-year-old man with the attitude “I’ve been driving here for years, this is my way and you gotta move!”, he yelled at us, we yelled at him.

People really make me see red at times. Especially when they are not correct and I am. But they then get mad at me when I tell them that they are doing something wrong.

Some People make me sick at times. In Germany, the cars seem to get bigger and bigger, they need more gas than ever before. It’s so ironic because on one side they’re complaining that they have no money and everything gets so expensive, but on the other side they don’t mind paying a huge amonut of money for gas and big cars. Of course not, people have to seem rich on the outside, rich and attractive. They can’t drive small cars then.

It makes me sick that so many people think that they’re big shit. When there are 100000 people out there who are much more bigger shit than they are, but you’d never notice.

Some Americans make me sick! I was watching a reportage about the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday and how they have to modernize the parts to make it safe for seismic vibrations. Yes, very good that they’re doing that, but how many times did the American Engineers or whatever people say “It is THE bridge – everybody knows it” or “it’s one of the seven technical World Wonders”… I’ve heard those sentences about five to ten times. I’m really surprised they didn’t say “We’re so proud the bridge stands in America! Built by proud Americans! Who die for their fatherland.”

God bless America!

And what’s up with the Despair people? Too lazy to comment? And when your site is closed or on hiatus and there’s nothing to comment on, then put it away from Despair! Too hard?

Lucky there’s the report button.