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I do rant a lot at times. When someone makes me want to rant ๐Ÿ˜‰ Instead you can also call it “Discussing in a louder voice” or “typing fast while shaking the head” though.

Last friday, Alex, the boyfriend, and I, took some work home with us. Meaning, envelopes and letters that needed to get sent out. Taking 300 envelopes and 300 x 2 letters with us was never a problem with the company. It’s way more pleasant to sit at home, infront of the TV or while listening to music, and placing the letters into the envelopes there.

To make, once again, a long story short, one of the employees bitched about us taking the work home (which, as said before, was never a problem before). She didn’t bitch at us though, she bitched at my sister (who is also an employee there). She was all nice to us, saying thank you for bringing the letters.

Either she takes herself way too serious or she didn’t like it that we didn’t ask her if we can take the work home with us. Or maybe she’s on her period? ๐Ÿ˜€

So after I delivered the envelopes and stamped them, I took them home again, so that I could throw them into a mail-box. While I was riding my bike through Munich it started to drizzle, a few minutes later it rained, another few minutes later it was raining cats and dogs.

That’s when I sit on my bike and start laughing – there’s nothing else you can do anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰ After about 15 minutes I reached the mail-box. I threw in the letters and then searched my backpack for my house key (seeing my apartment was only 1 minute away) and then realized that I forgot it at work! It has never happened to me before – forgetting my house key somewhere. Damn was I pissed, mainly because of the rain and the fact that I haven’t eaten anything and it was 3pm already.

The whole situation made one bitchy, hungry, soaking wet, pms-ing bitch out of me ๐Ÿ™‚ The only one who had the honor of meeting that bitch was Alex though, oh, and one chick who cycled over the street with her bike, allthough she had red. It wouldn’t have bothered me, but I was the one who had green and almost (intentionally of course) drove into her. I didn’t call her names, I just said she should move it! and she did, so… everything ok.

Now everything is good, I got into my apartment, I got food, I got dry, I got Period…

I’m currently reading a biography about Albert Einstein. Quite interesting. It makes me realize – again – how easily people are affected by “what other people said”.
Mothers tend to tell their kids, who might not be all that successful in school (which is a normal thing, for sure), not to give up hope, because Albert Einstein also flunked a class.

No, he didn’t (it says here), but people still will want to believe the rumor. Oh, gotta love the blue-eyed people who believe everything.

But why do people, their personality, their opinions, their attitude affect me so much? Why can’t I just get over it. In every day of my life there will be people, who won’t behave the way I’d like to see them behave. They won’t say “Thank you” where I think it’s appropriate, they won’t hold the door open for you allthough you’re right behind them.

A few days ago we went for a walk in the Englischer Garten. The paths there are for both, pedestrians and bicyclists. Four of us were walking next to each other when we heard a bell of a bike ring. I had no idea where the bicyclist wanted to pass us, I accepted him to pass left, where there were a little less people. Turns out he wanted to pass right where I was walking.

To keep a long story short, he was a 80-year-old man with the attitude “I’ve been driving here for years, this is my way and you gotta move!”, he yelled at us, we yelled at him.

People really make me see red at times. Especially when they are not correct and I am. But they then get mad at me when I tell them that they are doing something wrong.

Some People make me sick at times. In Germany, the cars seem to get bigger and bigger, they need more gas than ever before. It’s so ironic because on one side they’re complaining that they have no money and everything gets so expensive, but on the other side they don’t mind paying a huge amonut of money for gas and big cars. Of course not, people have to seem rich on the outside, rich and attractive. They can’t drive small cars then.

It makes me sick that so many people think that they’re big shit. When there are 100000 people out there who are much more bigger shit than they are, but you’d never notice.

Some Americans make me sick! I was watching a reportage about the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday and how they have to modernize the parts to make it safe for seismic vibrations. Yes, very good that they’re doing that, but how many times did the American Engineers or whatever people say “It is THE bridge – everybody knows it” or “it’s one of the seven technical World Wonders”… I’ve heard those sentences about five to ten times. I’m really surprised they didn’t say “We’re so proud the bridge stands in America! Built by proud Americans! Who die for their fatherland.”

God bless America!

And what’s up with the Despair people? Too lazy to comment? And when your site is closed or on hiatus and there’s nothing to comment on, then put it away from Despair! Too hard?

Lucky there’s the report button.


Countryside and Monopoly
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Living on the countryside is a nice thing. I realize that everytime I stay at my parents. You don’t have to worry as much as when you live in a city, I think. You can leave your car in the driveway unlocked, you can leave your bike in the driveway unlocked, you can leave the house door open and don’t have to worry that some stranger comes into the house.

Back in Munich, while hasting through the basement of my building, I read on the doors “Caution! Lock doors! Thievery!“. Sure, that’s normal for big cities. A lot of people, a lot of people you can’t and don’t trust. You don’t even want to trust them.

After a few days at my parent’s place I’m not even in the mood on driving to Munich again. Oh, if I were rich and didn’t have to work. Life would be a lot easier.

The boyfriend Alex and I had a big and loud discussion today over something that is so far in the future, we actually shouldn’t discuss about that now. We did though, and it wasn’t the first time. It gets me all frustrated.

He visited me at my parent’s, which, of course, I appreciated very much. We started playing Monopoly one night and I discovered the joy of playing board games. Yes, people should do things like that and not sit infront of the stupid TV all the time.

Talking about TVs, I got a new one today :). It doesn’t have a VCR connection. Damn. But it’s bigger than the one I had before. Now I don’t know what to do, keep the small one with a VCR connection or the big one without. I’m sticking with the big one at the moment though. Gee!! Don’t I have problems, huh?! ๐Ÿ˜›
Oh yes, that’s the advantage of having two sisters which are 9 and 12 years older than me. They have lived in several apartments, have bought several things, and me as the youngest, will eventually be asked “Tracy, do you need a new TV? I don’t want it anymore.” “Tracy, try on those 20 tops and see if you want some. I don’t like them anymore” “Tracy, you’re moving? You can have my bed, carpet, shelves etc I had in my first apartment which I don’t use anymore”

Nice… most of the times ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fox? Vox?
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A lot of people have personal sites. They have their own domain. Their own personal blog. To write their personal thoughts.

Now, when I have a site I pay for I’d want my blog to be there. What else should I put on the site? Of course, Art, Photos and maybe content for the visitor. But when you’re not into those things too much, your site is pretty much empty.

So why do site owners start blogging on sites where you sign up for? What am I talking about? VOX of course.

Now, I know with Vox you have your neighbors and you can decide who you want as your neighbor and who not. You don’t have to code anything, the site is nice-looking etc. But why would you want to move your blog there and not on your site?

I don’t know too much about Vox. Can you set your blog private so that other people can’t view it? Or can everybody view it – Voxers and Non-Voxers?

Vox is the new online trend, you can only get one through an invite. Now it’s something special “Who has an invite? I want one!” But actually, it isn’t that special at all, I think. You use a theme they have designed. That’s the biggest Turn-off in my opinion.

Oh, what do I know. I just think that people are going crazy with that Vox. But don’t get me wrong, I have a Vox account as well, which I set up, but I got bored quite fast.

What’s your opinion on that??

I’m about to leave to my parents for the weekend. My lovely boyfriend Alex gave me his car so that I don’t have to pay 10,50 Euro for a one way train ticket for a ride which takes only 35 minutes. That’s 30 Cent per minute. Way too much! When going by car, of course, I have to pay the gas, but isn’t the car just much more comfortable!?

The Ankle
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The weekend was nice. Not great, but nice. The weather wasn’t all that good but the boyfriend and I spent as much time as possible outside.

On Friday, before we left, I brought out the trash. I was in a hurry, went to the backyard of my house and *BAM* – I twisted one’s ankle. Not the first time, no. The first time that happend, a lot of years ago, my band was stretched and I had to wear a plaster cast.

When something like that happens, when something happens to the inside of my body, I get very frustrated without even knowing if it’s bad or not bad. So I was depressed the whole time wile driving to Stuttgart, which made my boyfriend depressed, seeing I couldn’t laugh at one of his jokes.
So we drove to Stuttgart, me with my hurting ankle. On Saturday the boyfriend took me to the hospital (seeing there’s no doctor office open) to get my leg checked and because I’m a chicken when it comes to the inside of my body… as you know.
The doctor was nice, but just looking at him even made me tired. Who knows how long he has been working in his shift already. He told me there’s nothing wrong with my ankel – God Thanks – I probably just twisted it so much that the bone hit the ground and that’s what’s hurting now.

That’s the most “exciting” thing that happened that weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

One of those days Alex, the boyfriend, showed me Esslingen, a beautiful city. Unfortunatelly I didn’t have my camera with me. Next time.

Now I’m home in Munich again, working tomorrow at 1pm.

Sister vs. BF vs. Friend
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“Can you please please please work for me August 14th?” – this was the SMS I got from one of my sisters. I’m bad at saying no to favors. I call the boyfriend, he says I should say no, “tell her we have plans with our friends”. We do have plans with our friends those days, so I tell my sister no.

That just made me notice that it so hard for me to say no when a family member or loved ones ask me for a favor…

I returned my Rain pants yesterday. I went to a few sport stores and tried on the sizes XS and S. I don’t know what the companies imagine, but XS fit over my boobs. The last store I went to had Kids rainpants. I took the biggest kids size (I think it was 176) and those were WAY too big… so I worked my way down in the sizes to find that size 152 in kids clothes fit me. I started laughing in the cabin because I was just so damn frustrated that all the damn RAIN PANTS are sooo big.

At least I only had to pay 14 Euro ๐Ÿ™‚ My original Rain pants cost me 100 Euro.

Tomorrow the boyfriend and I are driving to Stuttgart to spend a few relaxing days at his parents place. The weather here is beeing ugly the last and next few days/weeks??? It’s raining all day. It’s very annoying and depressing.

Why is it, that always when you have vacation, the weather gets bad?