9 months after giving birth

How much do I weigh: 51,5 kg (+1,8 kg from my before pregnancy weight)
My belly circumference (2cm beneath belly button): 82 cm
How much does Lucy weigh: about 8100 g
Diaper size: 3 and 4 in diaper-pants if I can’t find any in size 3
Sleep: Lucy was sick the beginning of February with a cold and the sleep was terrible that time of course. Poor thing couldn’t breath because of all the slime and coughing. Now the sleep is OK – she needs to be very close to me.
My Symptoms: My hair is growing back and it looks terrible, like I have two horns underneath my ears. Other than that no symptoms.
Lucy’s Symptoms / what’s new: She’s still cross eyed, both eyes now, she can sit alone as of January 17th and can crawl as of January 17th as well. Now she pulls herself up all the time.
Miss anything: sleep 😀
Best happenings that last month:

  • Lucy got her top two teeth in February 2019
  • She says GACK a lot

Sports: I try to go to the gym 2-3 times a week