My Internet History

I’ll start my embarrassing story of the past of my Websites.

  • The Xprofile

It all started sometime in the year 2003. It started with a Xprofile.
Unfortunately, back then, I took everything away from my pages, but man, was I proud of the crap I had on that profile.
My aim was to be on the Top Ten List of I made it once and only got rude Guestbook Entries. Dumbasses all over.

  • The AOL Hometown

After I got too mature for that I moved on to AOL hometown.
I spent hours on my pages there. I was a proud coder, oh yeah, dragging and dropping images made me a proud coder.

  • The Geocities

Yes, I did get too mature and a too good coder for that site too, so I made the big step – Geocities. Glitter images were still rocking my socks and there wasn’t one page without them.
Blinkies were a cool thing too. I also wrote cool tutorials, for example “how to direct link correctly”. I never direct linked though, although I didn’t know what it was for a long time. I put a lot of effort into my “Frame Tutorial”. More than half my images were .bmp but hey, .gif, .jpg and Photoshop were foreign words for me back then. When I started studying we were introduced to Photoshop and I started making amazing layouts and pixels. I also thought Dolls and Dollsites were big shit! Don’t tell me you started great!

  • The First Domain

After I thought Geocities was for babies I thought about buying my own domain. The big day has come, I bought The layouts were still crappy and the coding didn’t contain body tags, but I was happy. (The browsers were not).
I have no idea how long I had that domain. I got sick of it eventually.
Domain Nr. two was I had that until I got this domain and you can see some of the layouts posted here. has totally different layouts and css styles than Not as colorful, no images in the layout.
Oh yes, time as a coder was tough back then. Receiving comments on how my site and layout sucks was a mental burden but I managed to continue my life and websites as a normal person, although nightmares still obsess me. I’ll get over it eventually…

Some of my past layouts old layout old layout old layout old layout old layout old layout