Crossfit #1

Today I completed my first Crossfit session. It was good, it was hard, it was fun!
I was so nervous so I forgot to take photos of the inside – I took the ones above when I left the building, thought I’d catch the flair of it 🙂

We started out with some theory and did some warm ups after. Then we split into three groups, my group (three men and me) were responsible for the burpees build-up, the other two for the squat kettlebells, group three for the kettlebell swing.

We got trained on how to perform those excercises and then we made three rounds, each excercise one minute and after the three minutes of:

  • 1 Min. Burpees with Box Jumps
  • 1 Min. Squats and
  • 1 Min. Kettlebell Swings
  • we made a 1 Min. break.

    In the end I was so happy to be in the “Burpee-Starter” group because those were the hardest. The jump on the box – oh my! My heart rate reached the 90% border. It was good and fun though and I might get a time card for 10 times.

    Run #5 – 10km #2

    10km Got a little lost in the forest but at least I got the 10km complete. I tried to run at a good heartrate which made my run 1h 12min long. Took the route next to the highway and was surprised to see no fence nor trees between the highway and the path I was running.
    I couldn’t quite manage to keep the heartrate I wanted. It was higher. Maybe I’ll run 5km next time again or get a trainingplan from the internet on how to run 10km.
    There are so many websites on jogging, but now the weather is rainy and cold again and I’m a sunny-warm-weather jogger 🙂

    My First 10 K

    I actually wanted to run 7,5km at first. Then I decided to run only 5km… and THEN it went so well and the forest was so nice and I thought “I cannot stop at 7,5km now” so I just ran until I hit 10km.
    My first 10 kilometer. Ever. Running. No walking. It’s a premiere for me. I run 9km in one hour. My next goal is to run 10km in one hour.

    It’s the first time I ran up hills. Where I normally run it’s pretty even, but this time, spending the easter-holidays at my parents (and having my running clothing with me) it was more challenging, my watch kept telling me “heartrate too high” when I ran up the hill so I had to run even slower and slower. But then – it went down on the other side 🙂
    Which was challenging too though, I caught myself getting faster and faster and faster… almost couldn’t keep up with my feet 🙂

    This run was very necessary after all the easter eating.

    Happy Easter!

    Run #3 – 7,5km & new Running Shoes

    new Lunarglide 5 I got my new running shoes delivered by UPS on Friday afternoon, right when I came back from run #2.
    I was jogging towards my home, came out of the woods and saw the big brown truck in my street. I then saw the UPS driver with a package before the house and squealed with glee.
    I speeded up, right towards him and called out my last name. He said “yes” and I squealed with glee once more. I love coincidences like this – perfect timing! (A lot of sentences starting with “I” in this passage)

    I grabbed the package, ran upstairs to our apartment and unpacked my new running shoes. So nice and pink and cheaper than all the others of the Lunarglide 5 series.

    I had to try them the next day so I ran my first 7,5km
    pace The weather was lovely, the forest was filled with life – I met more people (and dogs) yesterday than any other time. Normally I never meet anybody.

    I have planned a 10km round which I plan to run maybe in two to four weeks. My big goal – to run 10km wihout falling over half dead. And that goal is so close. I don’t care about the time, I’m not a runner, I run about 3-5 times a YEAR. I ran 3 times a week just last week because this year I want to improve my running. And – running in the forest over roots, through gravel and over grass with birds singing is sooo relaxing.

    So here’s my 10km plan
    I hope I’ll remember it, all the zig-zags… (plan made with

    What sucks the most

    What sucks the most when you have a cold is: you can’t go to the gym!
    Argh, I haven’t been in a week (I only have a running nose but still, the beginning of the week I didn’t feel really all that good) and I feel fatter already. October was a bad month, I was gone a lot and “sick” a lot. I hope hope hope that November will be a better month, but I think it will be 🙂