Changed the Layout a bit

Yesterday I was in the mood on creating a different header and making a more spring-like layout. Changed the background to a yellow and just edited the whole site a bit. Not much. As I’m using my laptop without a mouse I find it quite difficult designing without one.

But, now my website has a fresh new touch 😀

New Layout 2015 for
New Layout 2015 for

Too much Information

The online world, internet, is a great place. You find a lot of information you are interested in (or not) but you also find information you might not want to read.
There are so many people online daily, so many people blogging, so, of course there is one person (or two, or three…) who was falsly diagnosed with a fibroadenoma. It just looked like a fibroadenoma, but it was cancer. And now, after reading her story, I have that funny feeling in my belly again.

Ultrasound #1 by the gynecologist: Dec. 21st 2012 – Diagnosis: Fibroadenoma – Size: 5mm x 3mm
Ultrasound #2 by the radiologist: Jan. 17th 2013 – Diagnosis: Fibroadenoma – Size: 5mm x 3mm
Ultrasound #3 by the gynecologist: Apr. 12th 2013
Ultrasound #4 by the radiologist: Aug. 22nd 2013

I don’t need a biopsy, I can have one if I want it though, for inner peace. After thinking about it a few days (and reading online what the side-effects can be) I decided not to get a biopsy. But now I’m not sure. Now I’m scared again. The only thing that keeps me a bit calm is that the tumor didn’t grow in a month. That it’s still 5x3mm and that, normally, cancerous tumors grow quite fast in such young age.

I’m still taking the nuvaring, I have one left. I will stop taking it then. I don’t want any hormones going into my body, no matter how.

I think I’m still staying with “no biopsy” and wait until my Ultrasound #3. I’m not sure if I should make that appointment for March or April.

Online again

This year has been busy.

This year has cost me a lot of money.

Jebelle wasn’t worth keeping for me. I let it expire and actually I did plan on on renewing it again sometime this year but BOO – my old domain name and TLD are taken. A few weeks back, sometime in the summer, I missed blogging and posting random things online. Most of my old online blogger-friends are still out there and I miss reading their blogs and commenting.

So, sometime in September 2012, I bought and bought new hosting, the tiny package. Seeing I’m not quite in the mood yet to design my own layout I installed this cute version I’m using now. I’ve had an eye on it months ago already and lucky for me I saved the link 🙂

OH my!

Oh my, look who’s back – using a subdomain on her domain. Why?

I do not want my offline friends to know about this site. Ok – I don’t want my offline ex-boyfriend to know about this site. I want to write/post/cry about my current boyfriend and I don’t want to hurt the ex with what I post. He shouldn’t know.

I’d buy a new domain, but I don’t have the money right now – damn!

My site isn’t complete. Very basic layouts, basically only images and brushes, but I like it that way.

New WordPress installed, meaning I didn’t update my old one, I just installed a new one, so all the old posts are gone.

The site is not anymore skinned – that would have taken way longer to code. I coded my site from scratch, so it’s different than the old Also the layouts are different.. well, you can see if you look at the old skins 😉

So WOW – my site is back –>!!! Don’t forget that little diary 🙂