Bucket List

Things I want to do/have/achieve in Life, also known as “The Bucket List”:

  • learn French so that I can speak and understand it on vacation Started a course in December 2013
  • be a certified nutritionist Completed in 2012 – took 1 year
  • Start a winter sport Cross-Country Skiing it is
  • run 10kmOh yeeeaaah
  • make a degree as a sports-instructor – passed my exam on January 19th 2017
  • take one cooking class, maybe for Thai cooking?
  • live in a house or Apartment with a garden (I gave up on the dream of owning my own place) – moved there in September 2015
  • get a dog from an animal shelter
  • catch almost every wave when surfing
  • work in the sports/food area
  • have a lovely wedding
  • lose my belly fat by gaining muscle
  • try snowboarding
  • visit a vacation spot I’ve been to as a child/Teenager (i.e. Gran Canaria, Spain)
  • visit the USA again
  • go Surfing in North-Germany
  • Keep my online diary for a Long time – 10 years and running is a long time I’d say
  • buy a dryer – Bought one in February 2015 – yay!
  • be able to make a hand-stand
  • be able to make at least ONE pull-up

2016 Resolutions

  • Go to the gym as often as possible
  • Eat less sweets
  • Work just so much that I still can spend enough time with our baby boy

2015 Resolutions

I’m starting the year 2015 with my third trimester of pregnancy so I’m definitely not making any resolutions concerning me since this is a brand new experience.
Since our baby is due the beginning of spring, as a first time mom, this is a brand new experience for me as well so I’m just going to let things roll how they roll.
Maybe my one resolution is to be a cool mom, to not freak out a lot and still be a fun person around my non-mom friends. We’ll see 😉

2014 Resolutions

  • go out more (at night) – Don’t know if I did or not. I like the way it went though.
  • travel more (and spend more money on that) – France, Pfalz in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands – that’s way more than usual
  • ask for a pay raise – Completed on Valentine’s Day
  • read more – I read every day
  • make a degree as a sports-instructor – this is not happening this year anymore
  • participate in the yoga class at my gmy once a week – Meh, didn’t participate. I just prefer power workouts.

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