So long no blogging

Wow, life is busy with two kids. Busy and exhausting. I’m neglecting my website so much. I think about it a lot though 🙂

Quinn says: fall of me = follow me / Ingo = irgendwo / bootyful = beautiful

Lucy started daycare last week. She cries a lot. She’s tired too. I started a new evening routine to calm the two kids at night and get them to bed a bit earlier. It works with Q, he goes to bed between 19:30 and 20:00 but Lu also goes to bed that time which is a bit too late.

Q has started his second year of Kindergarten. He likes it but in the mornings I have to sometimes just push him into his group room because he doesn’t want to go.

Will see how things work out. Q turns 4,5 years on October 1st, Lu turns 1,5 years on October 22nd 2019.

2 thoughts on “So long no blogging”

  1. You as a Mommy… Too cute!!! I’ve missed you so so so much. I’m doing ok.

    Not sure if you remember me. This is Angela. I used to live in Atlanta Georgia USA. We knew each other from the Bebedawl message board. I’m now divorced since 2011 and happy. I am now living a few minutes out of New York City. I’m still working in Dental.

    1. Yeah of course I remember you 😀 It’s been a long time, I miss all the chats at Bebedawl with you, Cris, Sarai, Christine… always fun. Yeah, sometimes the man you chose to spend the rest of the life with just isn’t the right one, glad you’re happy 🙂

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