So long no blogging

Wow, life is busy with two kids. Busy and exhausting. I’m neglecting my website so much. I think about it a lot though 🙂

Quinn says: fall of me = follow me / Ingo = irgendwo / bootyful = beautiful

Lucy started daycare last week. She cries a lot. She’s tired too. I started a new evening routine to calm the two kids at night and get them to bed a bit earlier. It works with Q, he goes to bed between 19:30 and 20:00 but Lu also goes to bed that time which is a bit too late.

Q has started his second year of Kindergarten. He likes it but in the mornings I have to sometimes just push him into his group room because he doesn’t want to go.

Will see how things work out. Q turns 4,5 years on October 1st, Lu turns 1,5 years on October 22nd 2019.

9 months after giving birth

How much do I weigh: 51,5 kg (+1,8 kg from my before pregnancy weight)
My belly circumference (2cm beneath belly button): 82 cm
How much does Lucy weigh: about 8100 g
Diaper size: 3 and 4 in diaper-pants if I can’t find any in size 3
Sleep: Lucy was sick the beginning of February with a cold and the sleep was terrible that time of course. Poor thing couldn’t breath because of all the slime and coughing. Now the sleep is OK – she needs to be very close to me.
My Symptoms: My hair is growing back and it looks terrible, like I have two horns underneath my ears. Other than that no symptoms.
Lucy’s Symptoms / what’s new: She’s still cross eyed, both eyes now, she can sit alone as of January 17th and can crawl as of January 17th as well. Now she pulls herself up all the time.
Miss anything: sleep 😀
Best happenings that last month:

  • Lucy got her top two teeth in February 2019
  • She says GACK a lot

Sports: I try to go to the gym 2-3 times a week

5 months after giving birth

How much do I weigh: 51,3 kg
My belly circumference: 83 cm
How much does Lucy weigh: about 6900 g

Lucy 5 months old
Lucy 5 months old

Diaper size: 2 & 3
Sleep: Soso. Some nights very good, some other nights I feel like I only slept 2 minutes. Doesn’t help that the toddler sleeps in our bed pretty much every night and kicks me. Lucy kicks when she’s awake and I can’t sleep when she does that. Last night she kicked for pretty much one hour.
My Symptoms: I got my period meh. I lose a buuuunch of hair, it’s terrible.
Lucy’s Symptoms / what’s new: She’s cross eyed, she rolls from her back to belly and back.
Maternity clothes: Still the shorts. I fit into my normal jeans but they’re just quite tight
Miss anything: sleep 😀
Best happenings that last month:

  • Q had his first Kindergarten day. All went well, he really wants to go.
  • Went for a 6 day vacation in South Tyrol. Too short. We stayed at a little farm and Q loved the cows.
  • Went to Dino World
  • Had a big family gathering at the beergarden
  • Q’s and L’s cousins, uncle and Oma came to visit one night.
  • Went to an osteopath with L seeing she’s always quite stiff when I pick her up. Three appointments. I feel it got better

Sports: I try to go to the gym every other day

3 months after giving birth

How much do I weigh: 51,6 kg – 52 kg
My belly circumference: 88 cm
How much does Lucy weigh: 6030 g
How tall is Lucy: 63 cm
Diaper size: 2
3 months old
Sleep: Lucy doesn’t sleep so much during the day now anymore. She’ll sleep half an hour, then wake up but mostly she’s in a good mood. At night, puh, the nights are a bit tough right now. She’ll wake up every two hours, sometimes she’s awake for 30-60 minutes and will goo and gaa around. Then she and I move into her brother’s room so that Q and the bubby can sleep (Q mostly comes into our bed sometime in the middle of the night) and most of the times she falls back asleep at 5, 6 or 7 am.
My Symptoms: I have a bit of back ache and I try to breastfeed Lucy while lying down. Since then my back is feeling better. Other than that I am healed now 🙂
Lucy’s Symptoms: Her eyes which we have to get checked by a specialist. She is still cross eyed. She has a red butt every now and again but nothing serious. Other than that she is developing fine.
Maternity clothes: The shorts but it’s so hot here right now that I tend to wear dresses. I wear breastfeeding tops and normal t-shirts at night.
Miss anything: In this hot weather I miss going to the lake/pool
Best happenings that last month:

  • Lucy got her U4 and all is fine except her eyes
  • The bubby has vacation now for two months
  • Q and I both got sick last week but are feeling better again now. I had a sore throat for about 5 days

Sports: I’m going to the gym again 2-3 times a week


So wow, our baby girl is almost three months old and I don’t blog at all. I still want to write her birth story… I want to!

Life is quite busy with a three year old and a three month old at home. Keeping the big one occupied and fed and and and is challenging. Luckily he loves his baby sister very much and is very caring.
He likes to be loud, especially when playing. And then the baby girl wakes up. Very frustrating when I just spent so long to bring her to sleep, she sleeps 5 minutes and the the big one shrieks… argh.

Now he wants that I follow him into the kitchen, so… till next time.

1 month after giving birth

How far along: 1 month after Lucy’s birth
How much do I weigh: 52 kg
How much does Lucy weigh: 4600g
Belly size:
Sleep: Lucy wants to be fed every two to three (sometimes longer) hours.
My Symptoms: Lochia is still there, my perineal and vaginal ruptures are healing and sitting feels much better now
Lucy’s Symptoms: Babyacne, sore butt which I have no idea where it’s from as I watch what I eat so much :(, she can’t get to sleep easily which means she’ll cry/scream lots unless I (or someone) lays her on the chest – she likes body contact. If we go for a stroller ride she’ll sleep a bit but if she wakes up, she’s awake and cries/screams. Same with driving a car. I hope she’ll take the binky soon
Maternity clothes: I wear maternity shorts which I bought after Quinn’s birth and also normal shorts which are elastic
Miss anything: I miss buying clothes in my actual size (and not maternity summer clothes)
Looking forward to: Going to the gym again and getting my body in shape
Best happenings this week:

  • Lucy’s cord fell off at 4 weeks and 3 days
  • She took the binky while we shopped at the drugstore
  • First doctor appointment – all good with her and also her hip, which wasn’t “ripe” after birth is good now

Sports: none