Belly 4 weeks after c-section

1 month after my C-Section

I’ll just continue this from my weekly baby bump posts to weekly/monthly post-baby bump birth bump posts (whaat?!)

How far along: 1 month after Quinn’s birth
How much do I weigh: 53,7 kg (that’s around +4 kg from my before pregnancy weight and 8,5 kg I lost)
How much does Quinn weigh: 4230g (gained 1kg in 4 weeks)
Belly size: Taking much longer for the uterus to go back after a c-section. It’s a weird feeling to have a bump seeing I cannot pull my belly in.

Belly 4 weeks after c-section

Belly 4 weeks after c-section

Sleep: Quinn wants to be fed every two to three (sometimes longer) hours, yesterday I fed him at 23:00, then 2:00, 4:30, 7:00. I’m normally awake between 30 and 60 minutes then
Symptoms: Lochia, big belly, my infected area on the scar is a bit itchy and the trouser waistband rubs it which is not that comfortable, short of sleep some days
Maternity clothes: I wear my smallest pants which I wore in the very beginning of my pregnancy. I have to see if I fit into my normal pants, probably not seeing my thighs got fatter as well. UPDATE: No, not at all, they really don’t fit at all.
Miss anything: Kinda miss feeling comfortable in my body and buying clothes in my actual size (and not maternity summer clothes) but that’s clear that it takes a few months to reach your old size (for most moms)
Looking forward to: Going to the gym again and getting my body in shape, also looking forward to meeting Quinn’s pediatrician next week. I hope I/we like him.
Best happenings this week:
  • Quinn’s cord fell off
  • We went into a store for the first time
  • I breast fed in public for the first time, not as easy as I thought
  • Quinn is more awake and we get to play

Sports: Going for walks with Quinn

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His favorite spot to sleep in his cousin Emmy's clothes

Quinn 3 weeks old

Quinns weight: 3820 g on Monday (gained 600 g since birth)
My weight: 53,8 kg (-0,5 kg from last week)
Lochia: Still there, not a lot though.
Belly: still present, giving my uterus a daily massage
Old clothes: Don’t fit at all. My pants – no chance!

His favorite spot to sleep in his cousin Emmy's clothes

His favorite spot to sleep in his cousin Emmy’s clothes

Things going on:

  • The umbilical cord fell of on Monday, April 20th
  • He sleeps in our bed
  • When he dreams, he mostly screams or cries for two seconds, but sometimes he laughs out loud which is the cutest thing
  • He’s got a sore butt :(
  • He doesn’t like a pacifier
  • He loves going for walks and always sleeps
  • He got Baby acne on his cheeks. One is worse than the other

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Things I did and didn’t do during my first pregnancy

Sometimes I ask a mom “did you do that during pregnancy?” and she can’t remember, so I thought I’d make a list of things I did and didn’t do during my first pregnancy so that I know for my next pregnancy (if I want to).



  • I made the pregnancy test the day after I missed my period, and before that I drank alcohol daily (because I was on vacation)
  • I drank one, sometimes two cups of coffee with lots of milk every day, non decaf
  • I had my first OB appointment at 6 weeks 1 day pregnant – baby’s heart was beating
  • I didn’t drink one sip of alcohol during my pregnancy
  • I didn’t eat cake or sauces or candy which contained alcohol
  • When going out to eat I did eat the Bavarian “Schweinsbraten in Dunkelbiersauce” though
  • I ate sushi but none with raw fish or meat
  • I did eat feta cheese (rarely)
  • I ate parmesan cheese
  • I didn’t eat salami
  • I only bought and ate cooked ham
  • I didn’t eat sweets the first three months of my pregnancy
  • I ate my regular amount of sweet things the rest of my pregnancy
  • I stopped jogging completely
  • I tried to go to the gym regularly until week 31 (when my OB said I’m not allowed anymore)
  • Baby’s daddy and I hardly got romantic in the bedroom
  • We stopped making love at week 35 – it just felt too weird (this time for me too)
  • I tried to eat less / watch my weight until the day the OB said my urine shows a lack of Ketone and my weight is too low. I started eating more carbs then because I was scared the baby would come early due to my eating habits.
  • I took a prenatal class
  • Starting my 34th week, I made perineum massage daily or every other day – 5 minutes
  • I drank pregnancy tea in my third trimester
  • Starting my 34th week, I drank red raspberry leave tea to losen my pelvis
  • Starting my 37th week, I went to get a prenatal acupuncture weekly to shorten labor
  • Starting my 37th week, I started with pregnancy yoga twice a week
  • Starting my 38th week, I made a weekly hayflower-steam-bath for 20 minutes
  • I did grow a huge gross and ugly mutant-mole on my right breast
  • When the weather got warm and sunny I sat on the balcony for hours to tan. I covered my belly though. I let my belly tan the first day for about ten minutes and it got so red – the sun and the very thin skin on my huge bump were just too much.
  • I didn’t take a bath anymore a few weeks before my due date
  • I took 150mg of Magnesium and stopped one or two weeks before my due date (didn’t know I should have stopped earlier)
  • I drove the car until the end
  • After my due date passed I made yoga daily and took baths again

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