1 month after giving birth

How far along: 1 month after Lucy’s birth
How much do I weigh: 52 kg
How much does Lucy weigh: 4600g
Belly size:
Sleep: Lucy wants to be fed every two to three (sometimes longer) hours.
My Symptoms: Lochia is still there, my perineal and vaginal ruptures are healing and sitting feels much better now
Lucy’s Symptoms: Babyacne, sore butt which I have no idea where it’s from as I watch what I eat so much :(, she can’t get to sleep easily which means she’ll cry/scream lots unless I (or someone) lays her on the chest – she likes body contact. If we go for a stroller ride she’ll sleep a bit but if she wakes up, she’s awake and cries/screams. Same with driving a car. I hope she’ll take the binky soon
Maternity clothes: I wear maternity shorts which I bought after Quinn’s birth and also normal shorts which are elastic
Miss anything: I miss buying clothes in my actual size (and not maternity summer clothes)
Looking forward to: Going to the gym again and getting my body in shape
Best happenings this week:

  • Lucy’s cord fell off at 4 weeks and 3 days
  • She took the binky while we shopped at the drugstore
  • First doctor appointment – all good with her and also her hip, which wasn’t “ripe” after birth is good now

Sports: none

41 weeks pregnant

How far along: 41 weeks
How much do I weigh: 61,8 kg (+12 kg)
Baby size: growing and growing
Belly size: The circumference (2cm under the belly button) is 106 cm and from top to bottom itโ€™s 44 cm
Belly button in or out: even/out
Sleep: not so good the last couple of days, but our little toddler-Q has a lot to process during the night and I always wake up when he makes a sound
Food (non) cravings: Nothing special
Symptoms: I actually feel really really good. I have a few contractions, sometimes the head really pushes into a nerve in my right leg but other than that, I feel too good…
Maternity clothes: they are all getting very tight
Stretch marks: my belly skin is showing more red lines/areas but no stretch marks
Linea negra: above the belly button
Miss anything: nah, weather is great, it’s warm and sunny, I feel good, all good
Looking forward to: Our baby
Best happenings this week: knowing that there’s a bunch of amniotic fluid (around 11) and the placenta is 99% intact
Movement: Daily, lots
Gender: Hmmm
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Sports: just bringing toddler-Q to day-care and doing households

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weight gain pregnancy #2
40+ weeks pregnant

Past my due date and now I am sitting, waiting, wishing…

How far along: 40+ weeks
How much do I weigh: around 61,8 kg (+12 kg)

weight gain pregnancy #2

weight gain pregnancy #2

Baby size: Who knows… big enough to enter this world for sure
Belly size: The circumference (2cm under the belly button) is 103 cm and from top to bottom itโ€™s 46 cm
40 weeks pregnant

40 weeks pregnant

Belly button in or out: even/out
Sleep: Pretty good
Food (non) cravings: the usual
Symptoms: contractions every day since Monday April 9th, sometimes more, sometimes less, mainly in the evening, hoping they come more regularly and stay ๐Ÿ™‚ I had contractions in my last CTG on Friday but none two days before that.
heartbeat & contractions

heartbeat & contractions

  • Cervix is open a bit, one finger fits through
  • Cervix is very very soft, the gyn said I shouldn’t wait too long to get to the hospital as it will probably open quite quickly
  • I have contractions
  • my neck of the uterus is pretty much non existent anymore
  • Baby’s head is tight in my pelvis

My body is ready – when will the baby be?
Maternity clothes: Well, they are getting quite tight. I wear my leggings or shorts and wide tops
Stretch marks: None yet
Linea negra: above the belly
Miss anything: No, I’m feeling good and I really want to meet our little kiddo!
Looking forward to: Holding my second child
Best happenings this week: Seeing progress at the last GYN appointment.
Movement: Luckily still daily
Gender: I would say we’ll prolly know in a week or so? How exciting
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Sports: Nope

Ultrasound Baby at 40 weeks

Ultrasound Baby at 40 weeks

The weather for this coming week looks quite good so baby#2 might be born on a sunny day.
weather april 2018

weather april 2018

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39 weeks pregnant

How far along: 39+ weeks
How much do I weigh: 61,2 kg (+ 11,5 kg)
Baby size: Around 3,4 kg maybe?
Belly size: The circumference (2cm under the belly button) is 104 cm and from top to bottom itโ€™s 45 cm

39 weeks pregnant

39 weeks pregnant

Belly button in or out: out
Sleep: pretty good. Getting up once or twice to pee
Food (non) cravings: sweets but that’s a normal craving
Symptoms: pain when the baby is moving, heartburn at times, nausea at times, pain when I get up, I walk like I have a sunburn between my legs ๐Ÿ™ Once I stand or walk for a while it all settles
Maternity clothes: It’s warm outside since this week so I wear leggings or even shorts (non-maternity shorts).
Stretch marks: None yet
Linea negra: above the belly button… getting longer
Miss anything: Contractions?
Looking forward to: BIRTH, although I feel quite good now…
Best happenings this week: Toddler’s third birthday & easter in one day, sunny weather
Movement: yup
Gender: Boy? Girl? Boy?
Happy or moody most of the time: happy
Sports: Did it twice a week but as of April 1st I pause for three months

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April Dates

Just like with Baby #1 I’ll write down some nice dates to have our baby born.

I have a few due dates:

  • April 9th (early sonography)
  • April 11th to 13th (possible fertilization)
  • April 17th (calculated due date due to my period)

So here a the dates that would be quite nice:

  • April 4th: Because it’s 04/04
  • April 10: Because Baby #1 is born April 1
  • April 11: Because Baby #1 is born on April 1 ๐Ÿ™‚ – I like the 1’s
  • NOT April 13: It’s Friday 13th!!
  • April 14: I like 14/4/18 … 14+4=18 ๐Ÿ˜€
  • April 15: Because it’s the middle of the month and exactly two weeks after Toddler-Q’s birthday
  • April 18: Because it’s 18/04/18
  • April 19: I have birthday on January 19 and my parents got married July 19 and my mom has birthday on December 19

So we will see, can’t wait.

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