I’m all set

books for vacation
I ordered five books which I picked up at my local book dealer yesterday afternoon. Got one book from my mother in law and one from each sister and had three here to read. So now I’m ready for my beach (and surf) vacation. Well, almost ready, I have to pick up the beach-ball set I ordered via Amazon next week 🙂

Books read in April 2014

This month I didn’t read as much as usual. I didn’t ride to work by train as often this month (where I can read) and in the evening on the couch I preferred surfing the web.
At the moment I’m reading Remember me? by Sophie Kinsella. I’m in the mood for a funny chick-lit, so I started it yesterday.

Happy May 1st 🙂

Books read in March 2014

books read in march I know, March isn’t over yet but I won’t finish a book I’ll start reading today by tomorrow, so here are the books I read in March 2014.

I must say, I really enjoy the Thrillers by Sebastian Fitzek. His chapters are very short, which I enjoy, yet it tends to go like “the next chapter is short, just one more chapter…”

All the others are chick-lits and I thought “can you keep a secret” by Sophie Kinsella was very amusing. I started another book by her just today 🙂

Yesterday I made my first mountainbike tour this season, a short tour with my dad and it was very nice. I’m a little out of MTB-shape but I hope I’ll be ok after I made three or four tours.

Books read in February 2014

I’ve read seven books in February. Lucky there was only one book I didn’t really like.
Books read in February
I never read Nora Robers before but I can imagine she’s a total romantic-writing author. I already have a couple more books written by her on my wishlist. At the moment I’m reading “Can you keep a secret” by Sophie Kinsella. I wonder if I like it better than “The wedding girl” by her as Madeleine Wickham, which I thought was quite terrible.

Books read in January 2014

Above are the books I read in January. I had time – I read a lot. I registered at goodreads and found a lot of books I’d love to read.

I never thought I’d enjoy reading so much, but, I guess it all depends on the book genre. I used to read those hard to read books about life or biography and now I read romance (or chick-lit how I just found out those books are called) and thrillers.

I love going into book stores and just look around for half an hour and leave with two or three books. It’s so relaxing!

Books I’ve read in 2014 so far

Having vacation and a cold right in the beginning of a new year gives you lots of chances to read books 🙂

#1: Me before you
Loved it, couldn’t stop it, such a good book which brings so many tears, from the beginning till the end.

#2: You had me at hello
It’s ok, nice and easy to read. It’s not that absorbing yet I always liked starting reading again. I didn’t read it within a few hours like “Me before You” but I thought it was a cute book, not sad, a bit funny at times and just a nice book to read.

#3: Gone Girl
Hmm, interesting… Some things I found annoying, like the charakter “Nick” in the beginning. I didn’t like him and I’m not sure I like him now. The end – terrible. I knew it would not be good because so many people have written about it. It seems like the author didn’t know how to end it. The book was thrilling and I read it quite fast.

My next book is by Nora Roberts, The Next Always. Got it for Christmas from my mother-in-law. Nosy to know what the book is about 🙂

– images taken from www.goodreads.com