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Fitness Check #5

My body fat & muscle measured Okt 21st 2016 vs. Jan 29th 2016 (and Dec 2nd 2015):

  • body fat: 18,7% = 9,5kg
    (Jan 2016: 19,6% = 9,9 kg (-1,1 kg))
  • right leg fat: 2,7 kg (+0,1 kg)
    (Jan 2016: 2,6 kg (-0,2 kg))
  • right leg muscle: 6,4 kg (the same – I can hardly believe after all those squats)
    (Jan 2016: 6,4 kg (same))
  • left leg fat: 2,7 kg (+0,1 kg)
    (Jan 2016: 2,6 kg (-0,2 kg))
  • left leg muscle: 6,2 kg (same)
    (Jan 2016: 6,2 kg (+0,1 kg))
  • right arm fat: 0,4 kg (same)
    (Jan 2016: 0,4 kg (-0,1 kg))
  • right arm muscle: 1,9 kg (+0,1 kg)
    (Jan 2016: 1,8 kg (same))
  • left arm fat: 0,4 kg (same)
    (Jan 2016: 0,4 kg (-0,1 kg))
  • left arm muscle: 1,8 kg (same)
    (Jan 2016: 1,8 kg (+0,1 kg))
  • carcass fat: 3,3 kg (-0,5 kg)
    (Jan 2016: 3,8 kg (-0,7 kg))
  • carcass muscle: 22,9 kg (+ 0,7 kg)
    (Jan 2016: 22,2 kg (+0,2 kg))

My BMI at the moment is 19,8.

So, to sum up, I started with Power Endurance (Foundation) for a few weeks, then went on to Hypertrophy and switched between those two. In September 2016 I made 5-6 weeks of maximum strength (Firming) and now I’m back to Hypertrophy.

In ten months of going to the gym 2-3 times a week following changes happened:

  • my weight always stayed pretty much the same (it’s not my goal to lose, luckily)
  • I went from 21,4 % body fat to 18,7 %
  • I went from 1210 kcal a day to 1230 kcal a day
  • I went from 40,2 kg muscle to 41,3 kg muscle
  • I hardly gained muscle in my arms and legs
  • I gained almost 1kg of muscle in my back and abs
  • I lost 1,2 kg of fat in my back and abs

In those ten months I didn’t control my eating habits (too much sweets) and hardly made endurance. All in all I’m happy with the results, I didn’t try so hard (meaning, I go to the gym twice a week and not three times, I eat a lot, I hardly do endurance). I can’t imagine I didn’t gain muscles in my legs, not sure what to think about that result. And also my arms after all those biceps curls etc. I plan on going jogging more during my next Foundation phase.

What’s your main goal you’re doing sports?

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10 months after my C-Section

How much do I weigh: 50,5 kg – stays pretty much the same
How much does Quinn weigh: around 8 kg
Belly size: Still eating too many sweets… I can’t stop either. My excuse is all the rough nights of not very much sleep ­čÖé 10monthsafterc-section Wow, it really seems like my belly doesn’t change at all. I have eight weeks strength-endurance behind me and am building muscle now for the next ten weeks. Let’s see if my belly changes in 8-12 weeks…

Sleep: Not that good. He used to come at 21:30, then 0:00 continuing about every two hours. I skipped one breastfeeding meal and he came every three hours the last week. Since about three nights he switches, once he comes after two hours, I feed him, then he sleeps three hours. Currently he’s in a phase where he’s wide awake in the middle of the night and it takes me 15-30 minutes to get him back to sleep. Today he woke up at 4:30 and we got up at 5:30 *sigh*.
Symptoms: Still have the yeast infection after every period since giving birth due to a lack of vaginal flora and about a week ago I made a 6-day therapy with uvulas.
Maternity clothes: Not anymore.
Miss anything: Still sleep at times
(Best) happenings:

  • Quinn makes peek-a-boo
  • I still breastfeed during the night
  • He eats with us while sitting in his highchair
  • He is sleeping in his own bed in his own room
  • Falling asleep works very well, I sing “you are my sunshine” and “I only want to be with you” while he’s in my arms, put him down after and he either plays a bit with his sheet or binky or is sleeping already
  • He started saying Mamamamama, sometimes only Mama
  • Once, in his lifetime of 10 months on this planet, he fell asleep on his belly
  • We visited a Baby-concert

Sports: I got a new trainings-plan for building muscles and had my second fitness check at the new gym.

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Fitness Check #4

My plan for the next ten weeks:

  1. squats one-legged: 3 x 8-12
  2. barbell row: 3 x 8-12 x 10/10 kg
  3. flat dumbbell bench press: 3 x 8-12 x 7,5/7,5 kg
  4. lat pull: 3 x 8-12 x 30 kg
  5. dumbbells arnold press: 3 x 8-12 x 5/5 kg
  6. biceps curl: 3 x 8-12 x 5/5 kg
  7. crunches on ball, sitting: 3 x 15-20
  8. crunches with legs on ball: 3 x 8-12 kg
  9. max 30 minutes jogging on the treadmill or cross trainer

My body fat & muscle measured Jan 29th 2016 vs. Nov 30th 2015:

  • body fat: 9,9 kg (-1,1 kg)
  • right leg fat: 2,6 kg (-0,2 kg)
  • right leg muscle: 6,4 kg (same)
  • left leg fat: 2,6 kg (-0,2 kg)
  • left leg muscle: 6,2 kg (+0,1 kg)
  • right arm fat: 0,4 kg (-0,1 kg)
  • right arm muscle: 1,8 kg (same)
  • left arm fat: 0,4 kg (-0,1 kg)
  • left arm muscle: 1,8 kg (+0,1 kg)
  • carcass fat: 3,8 kg (-0,7 kg)
  • carcass muscle: 22,2 kg (+0,2 kg)

My BMI at the moment is 19,6.

I’m happy to see an improvement after doing strength-endurance. I hope I’ll build more muscle now but I’m very happy with the fat I lost in my carcass – bye-bye belly fat, it was nice having you but now I’m hoping to get rid of you.

In the last eight weeks I went to the gym 29 times and switched between strength-endurance and cardio.

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