Things I love while biking in the City pt.I

What I love and enjoy most when I ride to work and back home: little hideaways where there are no cars and almost never people. I always look for little sideways I can ride and I’m more than happy to take a bit longer to work but to have the feeling I’m riding in nature.
Biking in the City
Sometimes it’s really hard to believe I’m in the middle of a big city 🙂

Eccentric Training

Or, negative training, started for me yesterday.
Schatzi Negative Training
It’s good, it’s different, I first need to get used to it but I’ll be doing it for the next couple of weeks.

So, this week was full of nice events.

  • On Monday I went to Body Pump, used the weights I used before my vacation four weeks ago to find out it’s almost impossible for me to keep up. But it all worked out, I just didn’t do as many repetitions. I drove 35km to work and home because the weather was lovely.
  • On Tuesday I went to work by bike as well and when I wanted to ride home again I found my bike with a big fat flat tire. Boo. So I went home by train and fixed up my old mountainbike (which I have as a backup). Luckily I just had to pump the tires with air, no flat tire or something similar. In the evening the BF and me went to a beergarden to enjoy the evening with beer and good food.
  • On Wednesday I drove to work with my Raleigh. It’s such a heavy small bike and the saddle is terrible but yet my speed was faster and I got to work within 55 minutes (for 18km). I went to the gym after to do two rounds in the strength circuit.
  • Thursday was luxury – I took the car to work seing I wanted to bring a plant. Had lunch at Subway and did absolutely nothing that day. Well, I went for a three minute bike-ride to our local grocery store to get some Ben & Jerrys, but that’s it.
  • Friday was a rainy day and luckily the temperature cooled everything. Made three rounds of the eccentric training and had one hour of Bodystyling with barbells. We had dinner at a “Turkish restaurant”, meaning doner kebab and french fries. Oh yummy!

Let’s see what the weekend brings.

Gym Day #2

  • 18 km bike ride to work
  • 16 km bike ride to the gym
  • 18:00 to 19:00: Move & Style
  • 19:00 to 19:30: Circle Training on eight machines, two rounds
  • 3 km ride home 🙂

So, Move & Style – not for me, they’re doing a choreography which takes about 5 minutes and they do it so fast, it’s impossible to get along. For me at least. And boy, how challenging to ride the bike from work one hour to the gym with around 20km/h (12.5mph) average and head wind. And to have ten minutes to change and start the course at 18:00. I was sweating like a pig.

On my half vacation day…

Had a meeting in the morning and left work at around 1pm.

Met my best friend for ice-cream (chocolate, pistachio, stracciatella). I brought him to the train station two hours later, waited and chatted with him 20 minutes on the station platform in the sunshine before the train came.

Took my bike and rode home, BUT I stopped at the beergarden close to my place to grab a beer and enjoy the last shafts of sunlight. Mmmmm…

Rode home, now I’m reading “The Hunger Games” (chapter 21) on the balcony and waiting for the boyfriend to come home from his vacation.

We’re going out to eat 🙂