Half a year after giving birth

Wow, I haven’t blogged in ages but I have good excuses:

  1. We moved on September 26 and I was packing packing packing before
  2. my bubby is on parental leave for two months
  3. We moved so I am unpacking unpacking unpacking πŸ™‚

Our baby boy was a good boy the whole move. Sometimes it was hard for me to stop what I was doing to take care of my baby and bring him to bed at around 18:00. I’m used to working until something is done but with a baby the baby’s priorities come first.
We moved into a bigger place on the ground floor. It is so much easier for us now, no more carrying the stroller into the basement, no more carrying the baby and groceries up 50 stairs. It’s a very kids-friendly neighborhood.

Quinn is doing great, he’s such a good boy. Right now he’s growing his first tooth!
He rolled over once, on October 10th 2015, he turned 6 months on October 1st and my little family spent the lovely day in the mountains. On October 2nd I started feeding him his first mush – sweet potatoes. In week two he got parsnip and now in week #3 I give him potatoes, carrots and beef. He wears the size 68/74 now, diaper size is still #3.

I totally forgot about my 5 and 6 months after giving birth blog posts. All I can say, my belly is still there but I do fit into most of my old pants now, even though some are still a bit tight. I just quit the gym in my old hometown and am planning on joining the gym in my new hometown in November. I can’t wait to get back on working out yet I haven’t missed it the last few weeks because I was just too busy with the move.

Now I’m mainly busy getting the new place organized and looking for new furniture to buy πŸ™‚ We are buying a cherry laurel this week to plant in the garden before the first snow is coming. Our two gardens are very small but yet, they have been so much work already. I’m looking forward to next spring so that the bigger garden/terrace can get fixed up.

I hope to keep on blogging more regularly soon but I guess there’s always a longer or shorter slack period on some blogs.


Happy Birthday to me, I’m turning thirty-threeee πŸ™‚

On Sunday I invited my mom and sisters for a lovely brunch and I got some useful presents for baby-boy Bruno and me. It was a lovely day, we had good food – lots of fruit, good bread, sausage, eggs, marmalade… and after the brunch the bubby and I looked at a very nice house to rent. We didn’t take it though seeing a big street was right next to it and that’s too dangerous for kids (I thought) – he thought it’s probably too noisy.

On my birthday, Monday the 19th, I took a day off of work and bubby and me went for a nice walk, had coffee and cake, looked at the stroller we ordered and in the evening we went out to eat.

I had my second prenatal class this week and we learned about contractions, it was quite interesting, of course πŸ™‚

The evenings I spent baking. As it is my last week of work before my maternity leave, I’m bringing American goodies to work.

cupcakes & doughnuts
cupcakes & doughnuts
Ah, I love to bake cute things like that!

My 16th week baby bump story

Week 16

How far along: 15 weeks 4 days
How much do I weigh: 49,9 kg
Belly size: For me, my belly is huge! But now, looking at this photo – not so much. Damn…

Baby Bump Week 16 - 15w4d
Baby Bump Week 16 – 15w4d

Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: I wake up once or twice a night, not necessarily needing to go to the toilet though.
Food (non) cravings: The usual
Symptoms: I was sick with a cold this week. No pregnancy symptoms, only cold symptoms.
Maternity clothes: Seeing I stayed at home from work all week I had on sweat pants every day. Feels so good πŸ™‚
Pregnancy HormonesStretch marks: Nope
Miss anything: Being healthy! I ha** being sick!
Looking forward to: Going shopping for maternity clothes, which Mom and I did on Saturday. I got some boot cut jeans, some black pants and a few tops. Some maternity tops are so huge though, and ugly, you wonder who designs those clothes. I also got a pair of black boots which I’ve been looking for a longer time now. Then we had Thai lunch πŸ™‚
Best happenings this week: Not waking up thinking “I want to rip my head off” – good feeling.
Movement: Nope
Gender: I still think the babe will be a boy.
Happy or moody most of the time: This week? Not a good question. I had way too much time to think about the future and way too much time to read baby magazines (about the birth!!) so I had the regular panic attacks and drove my fellow human beings crazy. My boyfriend asked me “What is wrong with me???” which made me laugh and answer “Duh – I’m pregnant?? Hormones etc.?? Welcome to Reality” πŸ™‚ I guess men just don’t get pregnancy vibes as much πŸ˜‰
Sports: None – for months it seems πŸ™
Isn't it huge? Don't mind the stripes on the belly - I just got up!
Isn’t it huge? Don’t mind the stripes on the belly – I just got up!

Rhineland-Palatinate, Bruges and Amsterdam

From September 19th to September 28th we visited the Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, Bruges in Belgium and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. It was a lovely vacation and all three places are very worth seeing. Friends moved to the Netherlands so we combined all the city trips and ended our vacation with visiting our friends.

Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

We had a lovely B&B in a very small town where the Bubby and me plus my parents stayed. The B&B only had two apartments so we had the whole place for ourselves which was awesome! The hosts were Americans as well which made this vacation perfect.

We arrived on Friday and went out to eat and had typical Palatinate plates. Massive!

On Saturday we had our first “Meet the Parents” day, well, the parents met the parents. The Bubby and I have been going out for 4,5 years now and lived together for two years, yet our parents have never met. Now, with a baby on the way it was a great opportunity though we had that trip planned before I knew I was pregnant πŸ™‚ So my Lover and my Dad went biking and my mom and me hiked up to a hut with his parents, his brother and wife plus their two boys. We all met at the hut and had again typical Palatinate plates for lunch, mainly potato sup with plum cake. We sat and chatted and in the afternoon we hiked down again and all met for dinner. I had “Saumagen”, which is a mixture of lean pork, sausage meat, potatoes, onions, marjoram, cloves and pepper, all covered. It tastes ok but it’s not my favorite.

On Sunday we had a lovely breakfast prepared by our hosts and all drove off at around 11am.
The weather was so great the whole weekend and we all enjoyed it lots.
Below are photos from our lovely B&B, the house was built in 1556.

Rhineland-Palatinate - Our B&B
Rhineland-Palatinate – Our B&B

Rhineland-Palatinate - Our B&B
Rhineland-Palatinate – Our B&B

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a nice little city in Belgium. We stayed in a B&B in the middle of the city and parked the car for free a bit outside, in Magdalenenstraat, so if you’re ever in Bruges by car, you can park there for free. We stayed in Bruges two nights, from Tuesday to Thursday, so we could walk through the city two whole days.

On Wednesday the weather wasn’t that great and there weren’t too many people outside. We walked around 17km and looked at different museums and the town. We stopped for lunch or hot chocolate and for dinner I had a big salad. The food is very expensive, the salad cost me around 16 EURO. On Tuesday night I had Spaghetti Bolognese for 11,50 EURO.

Our B&B in Bruges, Belgium
Our B&B in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium
Minnewaterpark, Bruges, Belgium

The Belfort, Bruges, Belgium
The Belfort, Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium

You could find empty streets a bit outside - Bruges, Belgium
You could find empty streets a bit outside – Bruges, Belgium
You could find empty streets a bit outside - Bruges, Belgium
You could find empty streets a bit outside – Bruges, Belgium

We had waffles Thursday noon in Bruges, Belgium
We had waffles Thursday noon in Bruges, Belgium
And French Fries with stew for Lunch on Wednesday - so good but so many!
And French Fries with stew for Lunch on Wednesday – so good but so many!

All in all Bruges was a lovely city with many tourist groups, it’s very expensive, it’s got a lot of chocolate stores and if you don’t go to every museum in town you can see the city in one or two days.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Amsterdam, the NetherlandsAmsterdam, the Netherlands

We only spent half a day in Amsterdam but I thought that was ok. Sure, there’s so much to see there but we went on a Friday and it was very very crowded there, bikes all over and a lot of people walking around too. We visited the city, at something (I finally found something healthy for under 10 EURO – the wok to walk and I got all veggy, so delish!
Later in the afternoon we visited a ship museum which cost 15 EURO but was worth every penny, very much and interesting things to see. In Amsterdam we parked the car a bit outside and drove into the city with the street train. That way we could see a lot of the city as well. I’d recommend two days though, esp. if you want to look at different museums or have a nice coffee somewhere. Maybe I’ll go back one day but for now I’m good πŸ™‚


5th week

*note: I’m in my 5th week, which means I’m 4 weeks, x days pregnant. 13th week = 12 weeks x days*

I cannot believe it! I am pregnant, how cool and super awesome is that?! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I made my first pregnancy-test on Friday, July 18th at 04:30 in the morning (I woke up so early and couldn’t really get back to sleep – I knew I was overdue).
I missed my period for 1 or two days already and Friday was a “safe” day. So I got up because I couldn’t wait any longer, went to the bathroom and peed on the stick and my hands were shaking, that’s how nervous I was. Then, after 3 minutes of waiting – P R E G N A N T

Pregnancy Test - Positive
Pregnancy Test – Positive

I couldn’t believe it. The only clue I had that I might be pregnant was my missing period and no bleeding before my period, which is not normal for me at all.

I didn’t have pain in my boobs, I didn’t have this “pulling feeling” in my abdomen, I had no pre-pregnancy feelings. I know so many people who said “I felt that I’m pregnant right away”, well, not me. I actually thought I’d get my period seeing I had PMS symptoms.

I went back to bed after making the test all squirrelly and couldn’t sleep anymore, so at 6am the bubby and I got up for work. I didn’t tell him the results in the morning because I wanted to make another test just to be sure.

So, Friday afternoon I made another test. Still positive. In the evening the bubby and I went biking to a beer-garden nearby and that’s when I told him. He was so happy and hugged me, but also couldn’t believe it at first – he looked at me all “seriously?”. I knew he goes on a big bike tour the next day so I knew that he’d have time to realize it then.

We were/are both so happy and overwhelmed that it happened right the first time we tried, especially when having some friends where it took 6 months to many years until they got pregnant. You never know πŸ™
And with “first time we tried” I mean we had fun every other night the two weeks where I thought I might be ovulating. Well, not always every other night, but in two weeks we had fun six times πŸ˜‰

Week 5 – 7

The days passed and I still didn’t really feel the typical symptoms. When going to work by train and reading a book I did have to stop after a few minutes though because I got a little sick. Sometimes I felt a little sting in my abdomen and every now and again I felt a little dizzy. But all those symptoms were very rare.

7th week

How far along: 6 weeks, 1 day
How much do I weigh: 48,8 kg
Belly size: The usual fat-bump
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Not so good
Food (non) cravings: Nothing special
Symptoms: Sometimes it feels like I’m having PMS
Maternity clothes: Nooo
Stretch marks: I hope not!
Miss anything: To know that my baby is doing ok.
Looking forward to: The first Ultrasound!
Best happenings this week: It’s the first week of August and I’m in my 7th week, starting my 8th week in a few days.
I had my first doctor’s appointment on Friday, August 1st 2014.

I got blood taken, they measured my blood pressure, I had to go on the scale.

Then I got to see my doctor and get my first ultrasound. My boyfriend came with me (he’s still a little in shock after he had to witness me spreading my legs on the OB-chair and getting different tools put in me… I should have warned him, he probably didn’t know I’m getting a vaginal ultrasound) and we saw our 3,5mm little baby girl or boy and the heart beat. What an amazing moment!
I was so happy to see it right in the middle of my uterus and not somewhere in the fallopian tube. And after my OB said that you can see the pulsation which is the heart beat I, as a future mom, had tears in my eyes, that’s clear πŸ˜‰

6w1d - 7th week - first baby photo
6w1d – 7th week – first baby photo

My doctor told me everything I should watch out for (the food I shouldn’t eat, the “powerful” sports I shouldn’t do anymore *sigh*, infections etc.) and then I got my mother’s pass.
The German "Mutterpass"
The German “Mutterpass”
It tracks the process of the pregnancy and it’s got all the information of every visit to the OB and the baby’s due date.
Baby’s first set due date: March 21st 2015.

Now I’m “officially” a mom, black on white πŸ™‚ I’m so happy.
Now I can tell my parents the awesome news! At the moment I have to watch out so much what I say when I’m talking to them on the phone so I can’t wait to get it out!
Everybody else (well, not sure about my sisters) will hear of my pregnancy when I’m in my 13th week (that’s why I’m publishing this post first now), when the first trimester is over and our baby is well and healthy and growing!
My next appointment is on August 29th, 2014.
Movement: None
Gender: No thoughts on that, I just wanted to see the little peanut’s heartbeat which I did πŸ˜€
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Sports: Not much, some weight lifting and crunches. I’m too scared though and first wanted to hear what my OB says about it.

8th Week

How far along: 7 weeks 5 days
How much do I weigh: 48,8 kg
Belly size: It’s the same, pretty much. I don’t pull my belly in so much anymore and all these years I looked like I’m pregnant in month 5 after eating a meal πŸ™‚ I’ll make photos as soon my third month starts which is in TWO DAYS!
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Not as good as usual
Food (non) cravings: I still eat pretty much everything, the only things I don’t eat are products with raw milk. I don’t eat any sweets either, just cake if it’s an occasion. Everything I’ve eaten before still quickens my appetite, yet I noticed I’m not so in the mood for yoghurt anymore. I used to eat a lot of fruit with yoghurt, now I prefer veggies with cottage cheese. I eat a bigger lunch at work than I used to – cut up veggies with cottage cheese, baked beans and couscous.
Symptoms: I feel a bit of morning sickness now and again. Last week I called in sick to work though. I was at the train station, waiting for my train which was at least 20+ minutes late already. I was reading while standing. All of the sudden everything got black and I saw stars, I had to sit down. That feeling wouldn’t go away so I jumped on my bike and drove home. Called in sick seeing I wasn’t sure if it’s just a temporary thing or if it comes back. Had a nice day, reading on the couch πŸ™‚ (and also working from home a bit). My boobs hurt, too.
Maternity clothes: Not yet, sometimes I wish though
Stretch marks: Nope
Miss anything: Ice-cream and Sushi
Looking forward to: The next OB appointment
Best day of the week: Telling my parents – The bubby and I invited my parents for BBQ on Sunday (7w3d) and we clinked our beer-glasses (I had non-alcoholic) and then I announced I’m pregnant. I noticed before when I was cutting some meet that I was shaking so I knew I had to get it out soon because I can’t keep it a secret any longer.
My parents both were sitting there with their mouth open, not saying a word, then my mom yelled out “I knew it (or I had that feeling or something like that)” and then they both were very excited for me. I’m the baby of the family and with me they’ll have 1+ grandchildren from each daughter so of course they’re super excited!
Just like the bubby and me they first really realized it the next day πŸ™‚
Movement: Nope
Gender: At the moment I feel it’s a girl, it’s just, I automatically call the baby “she” or “her” (I don’t like to say “it”). That might change though and I might call the baby “he” soon πŸ™‚
I just think with my obsession for Hello Kitty a girl would be quite nice as I could live out my passion on her hrhr… but then I think well maybe the guy up in the sky thinks it’s a punishment if I get a girl so he’ll give me a boy so that I calm down a bit from that girly stuff πŸ˜‰ (my theory, yes yes)
Happy or moody most of the time: I forget to blog about my little peanut because I sooo don’t feel pregnant. Very happy though. Got my teeth checked – all good there. I’m taking my folic acid every day and I don’t worry that much πŸ™‚
Sports: I still lift weights, I just don’t train my abs anymore. Yet seeing my boobs start to hurt more and more I decided to stop making machines where I have to lean against something with my belly and boobs. I quit jogging and instead I am going walking. I’m not a big fan of walking yet it’s better than doing nothing. And it’s nice to walk through the forest.
I bike to work 17km and back if the weather is good. I watch my heartbeat more and don’t “power myself out” like I used to do.

9th Week

How far along: 8 weeks 0 days
How much do I weigh: 48,6 kg
Belly size: Just the regular 5-month baby bump after I eat πŸ˜€ So no, no bump yet. Well, that bump you see I assume is fat. I always have a bit of a bump, so… but maybe it’s also my uterus which is double the size now πŸ™‚ That’s the problem with my baby-bump-photos – also when I’m not pregnant I have a fat-bump so… oh well.

Baby Bump Week 9 - 8w0d
Baby Bump Week 9 – 8w0d

Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Still not so good. I wake up because I have to pee and I’m not normally a side-sleeper but a belly sleeper but my boobs hurt too much for that.
Food (non) cravings: I am totally craving meat! I don’t eat a lot of it but sometimes I could eat a whole pig.
Symptoms: A little morning sickness, not sleeping too well. Boobies are hurting.
Maternity clothes: Nope
Stretch marks: Nope
Miss anything: Talking to people about my pregnancy
Looking forward to: Can’t wait for the first trimester to be over so that I can finally tell people and talk about my pregnancy with my sisters. At least I can talk about it with my mom and dad πŸ™‚
Best happenings this week: Thursday, the day my third month started, was the best.
Movement: Nope
Gender: So, bubby and I lie on the couch, I have my head on his lap, out of the blue he says “I think we’re having a girl” – I ask him why he thinks so, he says he has the feeling he produces girls. Five minutes later he says that I’m double as bitchy so there has to be a girl in me… pffffff!
Happy or moody most of the time: So happy to be starting my third month. It’s a weird feeling though – you don’t see a belly and you don’t feel anything – it seems like I’m not pregnant and then, sometimes I start worrying if everything’s ok, if she is growing, if she’s still living in me, if she’s healthy… yeah, it’s weird. I’ll be happy when there’s a baby-bump. So happy and just the regular bitchy-ness πŸ™‚
Sports: Weight Lifting & Crosstrainer & 1 hour Walking

    Training I

  1. Cross-Trainer 10 Minutes
  2. Bent-Over Row 3 x 10 x 7,5 kg
  3. Pull-Up 3 x 10 x 70/60
  4. Calf Raise 3 x 10
  5. Leg-Press 3 x 10 x 40/50 kg
  6. Biceps Curl 3 x 10 x 4/5 kg
  7. Triceps Kick 3 x 10 x 2 kg
    Training II – Strength Circuit

  1. Cross-Trainer 10 Minutes
  2. Leg Curl 2 x 20 x 15 kg
  3. Chest Press 2 x 20 x 15 kg
  4. Lower Back 2 x 20 x 26 kg
  5. Leg Extension 2 x 20 x 12 kg
  6. Lat Pulldown 2 x 20 x 21 kg
  7. Gluteus 2 x 20 x 22 kg

10th Week

How far along: 9 weeks 0 days
How much do I weigh: 49,1 kg (I ate pretty much this week)
Belly size: Still nada, I’d say. Well, maybe a bit. My uterus should be the size of a tennisball now. Just my regular fat-bump and a lot of food in me which makes my belly stick out no matter if I’m pregnant or not. Also I don’t tone my belly muscles anymore and just let it grow πŸ™‚
I started weight-lifting again and hoping to build a bit of muscle, so I might gain weight because of that. I need to tell that to my doctor, the first time they took my weight was after my 4-week beach & surf vacation where I hardly ate during the day, didn’t do weight-lifting and lost two kilos!

Baby Bump Week 10 - 9w0d
Baby Bump Week 10 – 9w0d

Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: The usual
Food (non) cravings: Meat
Symptoms: Hardly any, still the boobs though. I feel quite bloated after I eat. 6-month-belly after food-consumption.
Maternity clothes: Nope
Stretch marks: Nope, I put oil on my belly, thighs and boobs once or twice a day though.
Miss anything: Eating more sweets! I also miss jogging, getting my heartbeat up high and sweating during sports.
Looking forward to: The next OB appointment on August 29th 2014!!
Best happenings this week: I was very happy to sell some of my Canon DSLR lenses and camera to get some extra money for rain boots and a new tiny Sony Alpha 6000 (with video so that next year when the baby’s here I can post a lot of videos). *kidding*
Movement: Nope
Gender: Seeing I’m craving meat now I think I’m getting a boy. A big boy πŸ™‚
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and nervous because of my next OB appointment soon!
Sports: Weight lifting

11th Week

How far along: 10 weeks 4 days (it’s Friday, normally I’d be 10w1d but I just came home from the OB and the baby is 3,8mm and I’m 10w4d which means I’m starting my 12th week on Monday, Sep 1st 2014 – yay!)
How much do I weigh: 49,3 kg
Belly size: When I eat it’s a big bump, when I don’t eat it’s just my regular fat-bump

Baby Bump Week 11 - 10w3d
Baby Bump Week 11 – 10w3d

Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Getting a bit better, I still need to pee once a night though, between 3 and 4 am. Ok, no, I’m taking that back – so yesterday “night” I went to bet at 10pm dead tired, woke up at 2:30 am and was awake until at least 4am!!! And I couldn’t read or anything because the bubby was sleeping save and sound next to me.
Food (non) cravings: The usual – craving for everything
Symptoms: going to the toilet a lot, but that’s nothing too new seeing I drink 3+ Liter at work
Maternity clothes: No, my jeans are open pretty much all the time though, especially after I ate and when I sit. I can’t wait to wear some though, they look so comfy (even if you’re not pregnant).
Stretch marks: I found one on my thigh but I’m not sure if I had that before or not… oh, it’s gone now…
Miss anything: No, very happy!
Looking forward to: Telling my boyfriend the news my OB just told me 4 hours ago.
Best happenings this week: Seeing the little (or should I say big) peanut again
Our Baby in the 11th week - 10w4d
Our Baby in the 11th week – 10w4d

I had a OB appointment on Friday, I was very nervous. I sat with my OB and she told me that all the blood results are good and all the other tests are good as well. I got tested negative for Toxoplasmosis though so I should be careful with eating raw meat and fish and veggies from the garden.
She made the second ultrasound and I could see the little peanut. She showed me that peanut grew two nice arms, that the peanut is 3,8mm long and has a good heartbeat (160 whoa). Everything looks fine, also my female body parts.
Spent the weekend with my parents and sisters, it was lovely. We went out to eat and chatted a lot (my mom and me). I told my sisters about my pregnancy on Sunday and it was a blast. I told my best friend, who’s having a baby in October, right after my doctor’s appointment. πŸ™‚
Movement: Baby was sleeping (no, I really don’t know) during the ultrasound but it showed us two arms πŸ˜€ and of course a giant head. I don’t feel any movement.
Gender: Undecided at the moment.
Happy or moody most of the time: I was bitchy a few times last week, but I’m happy most of the time.
Sports: I didn’t do too much this week. Too much going on atm. The sports I did was cardio-training, I wasn’t in the mood at all for lifting weight.

12th Week

How far along: 11 weeks, 1 day
How much do I weigh: 48,8 kg
Belly size: The fat-bump is never leaving me…

Baby Bump Week 12 - 11w1d
Baby Bump Week 12 – 11w1d

Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: It’s ok, the bubby is on vacation and I sleep the whole night, sometimes. It’s nice to have the whole bed for myself πŸ™‚
Food (non) cravings: No cravings. Now I try to eat smaller portions over the whole day seeing my belly is just so huge after I eat. I’m running around with a long scarf at work but now the weather is getting warmer again, my co-workers will ask me if I’m sick. Well, I did have a craving for warm food at night so I made noodles instead of eating bread or just salad. Yesterday I had Mexican for lunch (Quesedillas), so good and it kept me filled the rest of the day.
Symptoms: I feel bloated after I eat and also not that good. I cannot drink so much (I hardly get through 2 liters at work) because I feel a bit sick after I drink.
Maternity clothes: Nope
Stretch marks: Nope
Miss anything: Not really, no.
Looking forward to: Telling EVERYBODY (well, not everybody) next week and making it official!
Best happenings this week: Mexican Lunch πŸ™‚ No, well, nothing big happened this week, the weather was grey in grey which made me feel bleh. The bubby and I met with my best friend (who’s high pregnant) and her boyfriend for BBQ on Saturday eve – it was nice, I could ask my friend lots of questions and the gave me a bellyband which is sooo great. I ran around the city on Friday and looked for one but most of the shops here don’t have maternity clothes!! I was quite pi**ed. We told my parents-in-law on Sunday πŸ™‚
Movement: Nope
Gender: Undecided
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Sports: Nothing. Either I’m just lazy or what… the weather is terrible here, grey in grey so after work I just want to get home and cuddle on the couch and watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Really really not in the mood for the gym this week.

13th Week

How far along: 12 weeks, 5 days
How much do I weigh: 48,8 kg
Belly size: the same, nothing to see in the morning, just after I ate

Baby Bump Week 13 - 12w5d
Baby Bump Week 13 – 12w5d

Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: I normally wake up around 5 or 5:30 am. Didn’t wake up in the middle of the night for a few days. Ok, yesterday night I woke up at 2 am and am pretty sure I didn’t go back to sleep before 3:30 am.
Food (non) cravings: Normal cravings.
Symptoms: I sometimes have a stabbing pain in my belly where I just assume that the baby is either moving or growing πŸ™‚
My "baby / food / fat bump" after a meal
My “baby / food / fat bump” after a meal
Maternity clothes: Belly Bands!!
Stretch marks: Nope
Miss anything: A flat belly. As I eat more at work and don’t do anything for my belly it’s bigger than usual of course, for me at least. Only my co-workers who know I work out see a little belly.
Looking forward to: Seeing my baby again next Thursday.
Best happenings this week: We told A LOT of people (well, I did). On Tuesday I told my uncle, my big boss, my two little bosses, some co-workers.
On Wednesday I told it to some more co-workers, they’re all very happy (most of them have kids themselves) and we chatted LONG. We also called my boyfriend’s brother and family and they screamed in the phone from all the excitement πŸ™‚ It was a week with a lot of talking.
On Thursday I told it to another co-worker who was my first tutor at the company and on Friday I told it to my unit-boss.
On Saturday I told my best friend. I know he doesn’t really want kids (atm) so I didn’t know if he’ll be happy for me or not. I showed him my last sonography photo and said “I’m gonna be a mom”. He was surprised but very happy which made me happy πŸ™‚ We then went to “all you can eat Sushi and more” and I put on my maternity pants for the first time, haha. Good that I took my weekly baby bump photo the morning before because the morning after I ate all I can eat I weighed almost 1kg more. On Sunday I told one of my other best friends that I’m expecting, actually I just said “I need to tell you something” and she said “you’re pregnant!” – it was cute πŸ˜€
Movement: Nope
Gender: A lot of people at work think I’m getting a girl (because of my love for Hello Kitty and pink), it’s cute. The bubby is sure it’s going to be a girl. I’m not so sure.
Happy or moody most of the time: Very happy, second trimester, here I come!
Sports: I started my regular courses and just watched my heartbeat. My trainer from the course “power dumbbell” came up to me and asked if everything was ok (seeing I didn’t jump around as usual) and I told him I’m pregnant and he was like “ooh, ooooh…” and then told me what I should watch out for. It’s nice that I can tell now! Exciting.

My first Trimester – Subsumption

Baby Bump - 3rd month
Baby Bump – 3rd month

All in all I can say my first trimester went great. I didn’t suffer from any of the typical symptoms you read about, where I started to wonder if my pregnancy is normal, seeing you hardly read that it’s also possible to just have a great first trimester. I have some problems with my circulation, I fainted once (in the train – I didn’t eat or drink before and I was standing) and almost fainted another time, where I could at least sit down though.

I told my OB the beginning of the year that we’d like to start trying this year, I checked all my immunizations and sometime in the spring I started taking folic acid daily and writing down exactly when I get my period.

Luckily, we got pregnant very fast (I couldn’t be more thankful!), I had my first OB appointment in my 7th week and you could already see the heartbeat. I had a dentist appointment one week later to get my teeth checked, I was told that an important thing to do in the beginning of a pregnancy.

My second appointment was in my 11th week where the baby grew from 3,5 mm to almost 4 cm.
I had to get my blood taken a few days after for the Nuchal scan of the baby, which will be in my 14th week.

I cut down on sports as of watching my heartbeat and not doing any abs exercises. I also don’t eat products with raw milk, raw fish, raw meet, raw eggs, ice cream and I watch my sugar consumption. Of course I don’t drink alcohol or smoke, but I didn’t do that before anyway (well, ok, as I got pregnant on vacation I did drink a lot there, as of week 5 (4w0d) I stopped with alcohol completely).