Fitness Check #8

It’s been a while, so here it goes.

Weight: 48,3 kg
BMI: 18,9

Body Fat: 18% = 8,7 kg
Went down 2,8% since January 2019

Right leg fat: 2,4 kg

Right left muscle: 6,3 kg

Left leg fat: 2,5 kg

Left leg muscle: 6,0 kg

Right arm fat: 0,4 kg

Right arm muscle: 1,8 kg

Left arm fat: 0,4 kg

Left arm muscle: 1,7 kg

Carcass fat: 3,1 kg
Lost 1,2 kg fat there – nice 🙂

Carcass muscle: 21,9 kg

So I lost fat but also muscles. I’m not in a gym mood for two months now but will have to get back on track more.