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Happy Holidays!

Toddler: Santa Claus!
Me: Yes, Santa is coming soon
T: So excited. No hit Santa
M: No, you shouldn’t hit Santa. And who else shouldn’t you hit?
T: People

Let’s see how long he remembers not to hit his cousins on Christmas… Merry Christmas 2017 and a Happy New Year 2018!

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Merry Christmas 2015

If there is anybody out there reading my blog and also celebrating Christmas then I wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂


Baby Bump Week 28 - 27w6d
My 28th week baby bump story

28th week

How far along: 27 weeks 6 days
How much do I weigh: 54,8 kg (+6 kg) different scale than usual
Belly size: Nice and big

Baby Bump Week 28 - 27w6d

Baby Bump Week 28 – 27w6d

Belly button in or out: Still in, kinda, kinda even maybe
Sleep: Not so good this past week, probably because of all the Christmas excitement haha
Food (non) cravings: nothing special
Symptoms: Can’t sleep that good at the moment and I got my linea negra
Maternity clothes: As usual, my dad gave me some sweatshirts to wear for the next months as well (seeing my boyfriend has a size XL or XXL which I am NOT wearing as a 5 feet 3 inch person)
Stretch marks: None
Miss anything: Alcohol! Alcohol to be merry 😉
Looking forward to: Still having lots of vacation! Sleeping in! Just doing nothing and relaxing before busy January starts
Best happenings this week: The beginning of my vacation.
Movement: Daily!
Gender: Baby Boy
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Sports: It’s Christmas time so…. I’m on Holiday 🙂

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Baby Bump Week 25 - 24w6d
My 25th week baby bump story

25th week

How far along: 24 weeks 6 days
How much do I weigh: 54,0 kg (+ 5,2 kg)
Belly size: The circumference (2cm under the belly button) is 92cm and from top to bottom it’s 34cm

Baby Bump Week 25 - 24w6d

Baby Bump Week 25 – 24w6d

Belly button in or out: Still in, sort of
Sleep: Good, I sometimes get up once, sometimes not
Food (non) cravings: Gewürzspekulatius (spiced shortcrust biscuit)

  • Out of breath easily when walking stairs
  • Can’t bend that well anymore to put on socks or shoes or pick up something from the floor

Maternity clothes: Jeans and tops. Got a big bag with maternity clothes from my best friend and found some cute tops and some sport pants.
Stretch marks: Nope
Miss anything: Here’s what I don’t miss:

  • getting terrible PMS every month
  • having my period for 7+ days
  • to have to pull my belly in after each meal so that it still looks flat

Looking forward to: My Christmas vacation and sleeping in daily then.
(Best) happenings this week:

  • Looked at hospital #4. We both liked it but read about this huge scandal which happened last year concerning the pediatric clinic, so now I’m a bit confused.
  • Went to the musical “Dirty Dancing”. It was made very cute but doesn’t come close to Phantom of the Opera or Grease
  • Made an appointment with the doctor who will be delivering my child (if I decide for to deliver at hospital #3)
  • Hearing that my boyfriends’ best friend got engaged and he’ll be the best man

Movement: Daily
Gender: Baby Boy
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, I love seeing all the Christmas lights outside when riding/walking through the city and listening to Christmas music whilst driving my boyfriend nuts.
Sports: At the moment I go on Friday and Sunday. My heart rate is a bit wacky, it’s up to 160 after I change clothes but goes down very fast. Not sure if it’s just not working correctly or if that’s another pregnancy symptom. Also started a DVD called “fit during pregnancy” today. No pain, no sweat – never had such a relaxing sport session 🙂 It felt good though, exercises for the pelvic floor, legs, arms, it was good.

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My awesome Christmas present from the Bubby!!
A Minion!!! And an alpaca-wool cap. Love both, but the Minion is just legendary! And that proves to me – he DOES can take a hint (or two or three).

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