Facebook, Fotos and Thesis

I just joined Facebook a few days ago. Well, actually I joined some while ago (why I don’t know) but a few days I “got into it”. Here’s my link, feel free to add me.

The Lover borrowed lent (Thanks Vera) me his Digital Camera. It’s a Sony 5.0 Mega pixel and it’s quite fun taking close-up photos with it. I haven’t taken pictures in ages but here are a few I took yesterday

On tuesday I started working at the remote sensing company again. I’m happy I can earn a few Euros a week, I really need it for the expensive life in Munich – GAH! Anyways, my diploma thesis is getting more and more final.
Right now there are two topics.

  1. About TerraSAR-X and classifying forest.
  2. About Earthemes, which is a land cover vector layer product, covering all of Germany and the United Kingdom.

I won’t get into detail, because, yeah… but both sound very interesting. So I need to do some research to see which one would suit a thesis more.
I need to go to the library today to do more research about Turkey – the country’s history, politics, religion and landscape. It’s a speech I need to prepare for the Geography Class.

Anybody know some nice details about Turkey?

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10 thoughts on “Facebook, Fotos and Thesis

  1. Vera

    Those pictures are lovely. I especially like the black and white “feel” of them (for all that they are colored).

    Nice details? Er… there’s a high chance to find a Hungarian or Romanian speaking person there :P, but I don’t think that’s quite what interests you.

    Oh history? Um.. well… Romanian was under their reign till 1877, when we declared our independece… OK so the “we” is stretched, because Transylvania (where I live) wasn’t part of it (under Austro – Hungarian reign till 1918). Meh! We have a lot of poems about “great” medieval Romanian voivodes (we didn’t have kings at that time) going against them and winning.

    By the way, you borrowed the camera; your boyfriend, however, lent it to you. 😉

  2. Tracy Post author

    [quote comment=”9937″]
    By the way, you borrowed the camera; your boyfriend, however, lent it to you. ;)[/quote]

    Thanks for correcting me, only that way I can learn 😉 Why do you know this?? tss 😛

    Thanks for the history.

  3. Ciel

    lovely close-up photos!

    my friend is actually on a short vacation to Turkey. so i guess i’ll find out about the details when she comes back. she’s been there before though, so i think it must be a nice country to visit.

  4. Nanda

    Those photos are so sharp!! Must be a really good camera (to be honest I don’t know much about it, lol, I just love taking photos :P). Good luck with the job and everything, hopefully things will go well. 🙂

  5. Helga

    Haha, yeah, that’s me in the photo.

    I know nothing interesting about Turkey (except personal details about Yilmaz Bektas lololol), but I’m awesome when it comes to internet research!

  6. Lene

    Lovely pictures! Your boyfriend’s camera sure is a good one. I see you joined Facebook, prepare to be incredibly addicted! (or maybe those addictions only happen to me :P) I will add you, my name is Charlene 😉

  7. janelle

    cool pictures. is the camera a dlsr or simply a digi cam only? anyways, the pictures are great! i love them.

    good luck on your thesis!

    about turkey, my english professor told me that it’s the former sparta? haha! maybe you already knew that XP

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