Secret Santa
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Every year, in the month of November, my family and I do “Secret Santa”.
Every name of the family (Tanja, Tina, Tracy, Mom, Dad) are written on separate pieces of paper, we fold them together and put them in a bowl. Then everybody picks a name without the others knowing which name each one of us has picked.

Well, and the name on the piece of paper you picked, that’s the person you need to get something for Christmas.

We’ve done this for three years now, in the first year I picked my Dad, the second year I picked my Dad again, but was allowed to pick again (seeing getting Dad a present isn’t easy).
This year I pick, and who do I get??


AGAIN!! I must have a very special connection to him 😛
My question to you: Would you pick again or just get him a present?

In my family, I’m the one with the “special, unique” gifts, so I was thinking of giving him (and my mom) a dinner in a castle or a dinner “under water” or a “men’s cooking course” or maybe even a photo shooting 😀

What would you do? Would you get your dad a present (again) or pick again and might get one of your sisters or mom?
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5 thoughts on “Secret Santa

  1. alohapenny

    I always find it hard giving my dad a gift so I d probably pick another. But seeing you have cool ideas on what to give already I guess you should keep the card. Oh btw, I think we have the same book choices, Ive read Gatsby and Animal Farm. 🙂

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