Why I hate dislike the news
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Reading bad news makes me

  • depressed
  • upset
  • sad
  • scared
  • angry

I have the “local” south-German newspaper in my Feedreader. I’ll scroll through it and click the titles I’m interested in.
The most depressing/scary/… news I read the last week(s):

  • Young mom gets killed in a car because people throw a log from a highway bridge
  • A young mom doesn’t have to go to jail, because when she killed her kid, she didn’t know what she was doing
  • A person driving the subway in Munich gets beaten up by young guys – AGAIN
  • and lots more

Sometimes I’d be happier to not know about anything. A world without radio/tv/internet/newspaper – I’d like that <3

11 thoughts on “Why I hate dislike the news

  1. Amanda

    Sometimes I feel that way too, but then…well, I remind myself that they concern themselves with reporting only bad news. Good news is ‘boring’. For every one tragedy out there, there must be two good events…so think positive!

  2. Jamie

    Sometimes I definitely agree. Actually most days I agree. I think good news is actually interesting. Sometimes the “bad” news is interesting but not the stuff you pointed out. It’s just sad.

  3. iona

    I feel the same way. Reading news always saddens me. That’s why we stopped buying newspapers. They contain mostly bad news. Where are the good news??? Printed on one of the pages that is so small that sometimes you miss out. There are still a lot of good people on Earth who do good things…

  4. J

    I only watch our local news, and luckily it isn’t too depressing. Mainly funny stories about stupid people doing stupid things. This week some polygamous church got raided.

    My mom watches international news, which I refuse to turn on. *That* is always depressing, because the story has to be such a huge event to even make the news.

  5. Lene

    I know exactly what you mean. I seriously thought that only happened here, or that at least, the worst cases were here. People are horrible and seems to get worse everyday. In fact, most of the time I overhear the news they are just saying that “these last murders raise the count to *insert big number*, 10 more than the same day last year”.

    lim (crime)^x


  6. Amber

    You sound like my auntie! When I stayed with her I forced her to watch the news because I decided it wasn’t good for her to be completely lacking world knowledge; she just likes to bury her head in the sand.

    Like Amanda said though, (and I did an unfortunately boring report on this for philosophy and ethics, eurgh) there are a lot of amazing things happening out there, a lot of small simple touches from one person to another, and it probably balances out. 🙂

  7. Melissa

    Sigh…yeah. 🙁 There are some crazy things that happen in the world. But also agreeing with what Amanda said, think positive! It’s really only the “bad” news that sells the papers. The general populous thrives on tragedy as opposed to happy things, ironically.

  8. Christine

    I totally agree with you. I hate even turning on the news so most of the time i just don’t. I come online to check the weather. It’s depressing to watch the news and all the horrible things going on around you. I just don’t want to know about it anymore….

  9. Chans

    For some reason they only bring the bad news, you hardly every hear anything fun and new on the news. I guess they should change the name of the program to ‘Bad News’ instead.

    The rock and log throwing happened here in The Netherlands too, several times and pretty close to my house. I have to take that same route every day to get to and from work and it’s pretty scary to think someone might do it again. The person(s) doing it never got caught so they are still out there.

  10. Amanda

    Urgh, I completely agree and I feel the same way – reason why I haven’t watched the news in over a month!

    But I guess good news doens’t sell, huh.

  11. Holly

    I hate the news too, it’s depressing, and over here it’s always about people roughly my age doing terrible things to little old ladies and tourists, and then everybody tars us all with the same brush and I feel like I have to apologise for my entire generation, even though I’m just as appalled by their behaviour as the police are! Some people just suck.

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