And so the cold & rain continues

With storm warnings today and tomorrow. It’s freaking cold! Some days it’s really really hard to stay positive – not seing the sun at all makes me (and others) feel bleh 🙁 At least it should be sunny on Tuesday. I should leave work early to enjoy the sunny day!
Knowing you live where the big with mass of clouds is located and you know it’s not moving – at all – CRY!
But, it’s nothing new that the weather is the way it is here 🙂

One thought on “And so the cold & rain continues”

  1. I hear ya! This weather is so annoying! Today we turned the heating on again, after we enthusiastically turned it off in April…

    I’ve been feeling horrible throughout most of May and I really hope we’ll finally get some sun soon – though the forecast still doesn’t look promising.

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