Schatzi Negative Training

Eccentric Training

Or, negative training, started for me yesterday.
Schatzi Negative Training
It’s good, it’s different, I first need to get used to it but I’ll be doing it for the next couple of weeks.

So, this week was full of nice events.

  • On Monday I went to Body Pump, used the weights I used before my vacation four weeks ago to find out it’s almost impossible for me to keep up. But it all worked out, I just didn’t do as many repetitions. I drove 35km to work and home because the weather was lovely.
  • On Tuesday I went to work by bike as well and when I wanted to ride home again I found my bike with a big fat flat tire. Boo. So I went home by train and fixed up my old mountainbike (which I have as a backup). Luckily I just had to pump the tires with air, no flat tire or something similar. In the evening the BF and me went to a beergarden to enjoy the evening with beer and good food.
  • On Wednesday I drove to work with my Raleigh. It’s such a heavy small bike and the saddle is terrible but yet my speed was faster and I got to work within 55 minutes (for 18km). I went to the gym after to do two rounds in the strength circuit.
  • Thursday was luxury – I took the car to work seing I wanted to bring a plant. Had lunch at Subway and did absolutely nothing that day. Well, I went for a three minute bike-ride to our local grocery store to get some Ben & Jerrys, but that’s it.
  • Friday was a rainy day and luckily the temperature cooled everything. Made three rounds of the eccentric training and had one hour of Bodystyling with barbells. We had dinner at a “Turkish restaurant”, meaning doner kebab and french fries. Oh yummy!

Let’s see what the weekend brings.