Run #3 – 7,5km & new Running Shoes

new Lunarglide 5 I got my new running shoes delivered by UPS on Friday afternoon, right when I came back from run #2.
I was jogging towards my home, came out of the woods and saw the big brown truck in my street. I then saw the UPS driver with a package before the house and squealed with glee.
I speeded up, right towards him and called out my last name. He said “yes” and I squealed with glee once more. I love coincidences like this – perfect timing! (A lot of sentences starting with “I” in this passage)

I grabbed the package, ran upstairs to our apartment and unpacked my new running shoes. So nice and pink and cheaper than all the others of the Lunarglide 5 series.

I had to try them the next day so I ran my first 7,5km
pace The weather was lovely, the forest was filled with life – I met more people (and dogs) yesterday than any other time. Normally I never meet anybody.

I have planned a 10km round which I plan to run maybe in two to four weeks. My big goal – to run 10km wihout falling over half dead. And that goal is so close. I don’t care about the time, I’m not a runner, I run about 3-5 times a YEAR. I ran 3 times a week just last week because this year I want to improve my running. And – running in the forest over roots, through gravel and over grass with birds singing is sooo relaxing.

So here’s my 10km plan
I hope I’ll remember it, all the zig-zags… (plan made with