Walking home from work

If you get off work early, if it’s lovely sunny weather outside and you have nothing planned for the day – walk home.

In my case, walk 20 km home and lose 977 kcal.

I left work at 12:30 and got home at around 17:30.
But I did have a few stops on the way, had to pee badly twice, stopped for a cup of coffee, had to try on a skirt I saw in a clothes store, got a veggie smoothie, stopped at the book store, stopped to take off my shoes (what a big mistake), stopped to get some bread and last but not least stopped to get three big cups of ice-cream in a big cone <3 My feet hurt so bad because I made two big mistakes:

  1. Start my tour with Flip Flops: I walked almost 5 km in my Flip Flops and didn’t notice how it started hurting between my toes. I then put on my Converse Ballerinas but took those off after 1km as well. Finally I put on my running shoes and all was good, but it was too late already, my feet had water blisters, see:

    Why did I wear Flip Flops in the first place you wonder? I wanted my feet to get tanned because tanned feet are so fine 🙂

  2. Take off my running shoes after 16km and put them on again: Everybody knows to not take off your shoes! I sat down, took them off and just let them rest. Then I put them back on again and the rubbing of the blisters got worse. At the end I could hardly walk anymore and right now I’m sitting on the couch for hours because I still can hardly walk.

But it was a lovely walk, I saw so much, the weather was amazing, I got a nice tan on my legs and did the most out of my Friday afternoon.

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