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35 weeks pregnant

5 weeks to go!!

How far along: 35 weeks 2 days
How much do I weigh: 59,7 kg (+ 10 kg)
Baby size: Honeydew melon, my baby might weigh around 2,8kg now?
Belly size: The circumference (2cm under the belly button) is 101 cm and from top to bottom it’s 42 cm

35 weeks pregnant

35 weeks pregnant

Belly button in or out: Out/Even
Sleep: Getting up once a night to pee, other than that quite OK except when I’m awake for 2-3 hours and can’t get back to sleep. Happens every now and again.
Food (non) cravings: Sweets, chocolate pudding
Symptoms: heartburn, can’t sleep
Stretch marks: none yet
Linea negra: it starts under my boobs and is about 10 cm long
Miss anything: Maybe some time for myself? My little toddler is in his mommy-phase right now again, very clingy. Also he’s in his NO-phase which is very exhausting. So cute though, now he wants that mommy and daddy bring him to bed.
Looking forward to: next OB Gyn appointment in a few days, warm weather which is starting today, registering in two hospitals, I wonder what they say about VBAC.
Best/Worst happenings this week: Got tested positive for Streptococcus B (GBS), which means I’ll get antibiotics during birth. I’m taking uvula suppositories now three times a week to reduce the bacterium. I talked with my doctor and midwife, it sounds like this is quite common and nothing to worry (of course I worried when I heard that and googled much too much). I will register at another hospital soon where the pediatricians have on-call duty 24 hours a day.

Other than that I have my prenatal class once a week which is nice, it’s nice to hear everything about giving birth, contractions, hospitals etc. again after three years and it’s nice to just focus on me and the baby.

My little Q is sick. Threw up six times within four hours on Friday, slept a lot on Saturday morning, then felt good and even ate but became a fever and running nose in the eve. Poor baby boy, I hate it when he’s sick πŸ™

Movement: Daily, lots, very intense and painful at times. Baby’s back is on the right side of my belly most of the time
Gender: Soooon
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, I’m feeling quite good
Sports: Lifting weights twice a week. I will pause starting April 1st

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My 35th week baby bump story

35 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks 6 days – 5 more weeks to go (Due Date: March 21st to 26st I’d say)
So, 35 weeks pregnant, 35 days to go
How much do I weigh: Haven’t weighed myself yet but I think I made it to the 10kg mark, let me see… *goes to weigh herself* … 58,7 kg .. that’s +9,9 kg (around 22 pounds)… I could cheat on that 0,1 kg but I’m not gonna πŸ˜€
Belly size: I’m a buman – half ball, half human


Baby Bump Week 35 – 34w6d

Belly button in or out: Still in / even
Sleep: Not complaining, only getting up once at around 2am (I go to bed at around 23:00) and then I sleep until my bubby’s alarm goes off at 6am. I stay in bed and mostly fall asleep again until around 9am. Right now it’s Saturday, I got up at 4am to go to the bathroom and couldn’t go to sleep after. It’s 6am now πŸ™
Food (non) cravings: Nothing special, anything with carbs (but I also fancy Krapfen, which are typical for the carnival time in February here)
Symptoms: For around a week now, things aren’t so “easy” anymore. Our Baby-Boy is growing, he’s gaining, when he’s moving it sometimes hurts and I’m sometimes not sure if all the feelings I have are normal or not, I guess so though. I’m pretty sure I have Braxton Hicks contractions every now and again but luckily not that often. They feel like PMS cramps and I mostly have them in the morning or at night.
Yet it’s different every day. Some days I “forget” (not really) that I’m pregnant. I’ve gotten used to the few aches I have and am not scared anymore that he’ll come earlier. I think/hope he’ll come some time in mid March πŸ™‚
So all in all I’m still doing very well.
Maternity clothes: I went out on Monday to buy some new clothes – also if I have only a few less weeks left, I just can’t take it that my pants are getting tighter each day. I bought some leggings because they seem to be the most comfy pants I can wear now. Now I really don’t care if I’m wearing jeans or just running around like I’m going to the gym all the time. I also bought some bigger panties which hopefully will not rip into my belly and a nice pullover. I’d love to just not wear any bottoms at all.
Stretch marks: Nope πŸ™‚
Miss anything: On Monday, while going shopping for maternity clothes, I saw the cutest non-maternity summer clothes. I would have loved to try them on but oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait until May or June or even July to try on and buy my normal size again.
Looking forward to: My next OB appointment on Thursday, February 19th
Best happenings this week: Had a pretty relaxing week

  • Sunday: As a Christmas present I gave my mom a one-night-stay at the Best Western Hotel in a town nearby. Including a night for myself, too. We met Sunday at 11:30 am for a big Jazz Brunch and “ate” until around 15:30. Then we relaxed in our hotel room, went for a walk afterwards and spent some time at the “Wellness-Oasis” after. Very relaxing. We went to the hotel restaurant in the eve to grab a bit to eat and then just relaxed in the bed, watching TV and reading.
  • Monday: We had to check out before 12am so we had a lot of time in the morning to shower, pack and eat breakfast. After we checked out of the Best Western, Mom and I drove to a mall nearby and I bought some new maternity clothes and some boots. My bubby picked me up afterwards and we had a relaxing afternoon.
  • Tuesday: I slept through the whole night! I didn’t get up ONCE! I went to bed at around 23:00 and woke up with the alarm of my bubby at 5:45. Wow! I stayed in bed until about 09:30, got up and just had a relaxing day until my prenatal class in the eve. We learned about breathing during contractions (with exercises), baby care and what to pack in the hospital bag. Afterwards all the girls went out for dinner – 16 pregnant ladies πŸ™‚ It was very nice and I got to chat to some nice girls and me and two girls were the last ones to leave at around 21:45. I also signed up for a post-pregnancy back-formation class starting in June.
  • Wednesday: Got up at 8am, went to the butcher and bakery, IKEA and a baby store to pick up a car seat. It felt good to get everything done in the morning / at noon time.
  • Thursday: Went for a 1 hour walk and just did some things around the house. I made a big lasagne for dinner.
  • Friday: Visited a friend who had a baby-girl in September 2014 and ate Krapfen πŸ™‚
  • Saturday: Valentine’s Day! Celebrated the 20-year existence of my period (NOT) haha

Movement: I feel him moving around very intense. I’m not sure but I think he “turned” on Sunday. I thought his butt is right in the middle of my belly (I used to feel it sideways before) and he is facing towards my back. It feels different from day to day though and now I think his butt is on my right side again. I wonder if he dropped or not. I have my next appointment on February 19th, so I wonder what the OB will say.
Sometimes it feels like he wants to push something through my butt hole (which, I know, is anatomical impossible). Very weird feeling.
Gender: Baby-Boy Bruno
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and relaxed. My clogged nose (which I only have at home! Must be the heater and the dust) is still bothering me though but it’s gotten better.
Sports: No gym, which is ok for me. I should maybe start my DVD about yoga in the pregnancy. Just going for walks.

35 weeks baby bump

35 weeks baby bump

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