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April Dates

Just like with Baby #1 I’ll write down some nice dates to have our baby born.

I have a few due dates:

  • April 9th (early sonography)
  • April 11th to 13th (possible fertilization)
  • April 17th (calculated due date due to my period)

So here a the dates that would be quite nice:

  • April 4th: Because it’s 04/04
  • April 10: Because Baby #1 is born April 1
  • April 11: Because Baby #1 is born on April 1 🙂 – I like the 1’s
  • NOT April 13: It’s Friday 13th!!
  • April 14: I like 14/4/18 … 14+4=18 😀
  • April 15: Because it’s the middle of the month and exactly two weeks after Toddler-Q’s birthday
  • April 18: Because it’s 18/04/18
  • April 19: I have birthday on January 19 and my parents got married July 19 and my mom has birthday on December 19

So we will see, can’t wait.

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Our Baby Quinn
Meet our Baby Boy
Our Baby Quinn

Our Baby Quinn

3220 g
50 cm

He’s such a content baby who hardly cries and is happy when mommy’s boobs feed him or when he’s having lots of physical contact. We are so happy to have such an amazing boy and feel very blessed.

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