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Days full of food

There are days, I don’t know what’s wrong, where I could just eat and eat and eat. I have a craving half an hour after I ate a bowl of cereal or after I couldn’t resist that candy bar. At the moment I could really eat like a pig. And no, I’m not pregnant. I did a lot of sport this week so I hope it’s just my muscles – wanting MORE!

Today after I had cereal for breakfast, a sports granola bar, a Subway Sandwich for Lunch (Chicken Fajita Day, Honey Mustard sauce, wheat bread) a salad with bread for dinner, I was craving more. So I grabbed my wallet and went to the grocery store which is like 2 minutes away and bought… Ben & Jerry’s – Half Baked. I ate about half of it. Shocking.

I have those days, they come about once a month for 7+ days (yeah, mostly before I get my period), I just feel that I should give my body (and brain) what it really wants 😉 I hope I’m not the only one (who has cravings like this).

I also bought two new Under Armour tops – hot pink and black. I’m also craving colorful Nike running shoes, either in yellow or pink 🙂

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