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Work has been good.
Last week I started working with a software not so many people in the company have worked with yet. They wanted me to test it and see if it would be profitable for the classification of satellite images. It’s called Fragstats. I kinda had a nervous breakdown the first few days because it seemed like nothing was working. How frustrating. But now I’m happy, because yesterday I completed and finished the report 🙂 Good feeling :D.

Not much new here. The weather this November has been great. It only snowed one night, that was it. It’s getting colder and colder though.

Right now it’s Thursday morning. I have half a day off of work because I need to see a professor. I’d like to write my diploma by him and yeah… I’d like to check with him.

Have a wonderful day !

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  1. Adastra

    You really have good weather down there? ^^ It’s been raining, raining, raining… all day long… all last week…. :/
    I wish we would have snow instead of all the rain or something like that…

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