Gone a few days
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That catering job I did today is a job I’d never ever do for a living. I could never work in the gastronomy, nope, not my thing.

Lucky there are people like my sister who love jobs like that.

A press conference took place in a big store in Munich today and so I walked around with a tray in (better say “on”) my left hand and napkins in my right hand. Everything went fine, but after about 30-40 minutes my left arm started to shiver, seeing my strength decreased more and more and more.

Stressful four hours of work. The last half an hour we had to wait on the people who still wanted to eat/drink something decent. That was the “fun” part.

Tomorrow the lover and I are leaving for Stuttgart. We’re going to stay there until sunday. We are babysitting his niece who is six years old, seeing her parents are out of town. How nice, we’re going to be a little family 😀 Aawww…. plus there is one dog and three cats, so actually it’s a big family.

Now I’m going to go to bed. I’m dead tired, my arm hurts, my eyes too, seeing for work we got the makeup done by stylists and they exaggerated extremely. Hehe, after the girl was done with putting makeup on me I looked into the mirror and thought “ugh…”. Oh well, after work I removed all of it so I guess four hours of “hardcore” eye-makeup were ok. My feet hurt. I guess I’m grumpy 😉

16 thoughts on “Gone a few days

  1. Kathy

    Ah, I’m so sorry 😆 That sounds horrible, I wouldn’t survive; it certaintly does seem stressfula nd I really hope everything gets better with your job! Hopefully! Aw, at least that’ll be fun — you babysitting with your little “family.” 🙂

    — Kathy

  2. Anna

    Wow, being a caterer must be tough. All that walking around, carrying trays and of course, all the hungry &grumpy costumers. It’s a good thing you have a nice and relaxing weekend planned ahead (:

  3. Raymond

    Once I wanted to do catering but I didnt know its so stressful.Hmm guess I have to change my mind about it haha…It does fun cos you can see lots of different people.Have fun babysitting..I guess it will be fun heh.

  4. Ciel

    that doesn’t sound like the perfect job. i would probably start shaking after 5 minutes 😳 hope the arm doesn’t hurt anymore, maybe hubby should give you a nice massage if so! 😛

  5. Nienke

    Oh man, that sounds awful 🙁 I used to work for Subway and it was okay but definitely not something I’d want to do for a long time :p

    My uncle lives in Munich! Small world, isn’t it? 😆

  6. christine

    ouch. i probably would have dropped the tray. i was offered a job being a waitress some years ago and i said no just for that reason. i don’t think i could hold a tray up all day. i would imagine it would hurt so bad. i hope you two have fun on your trip. it’s nice to get away for awhile.

  7. Cris

    i also have waitressing and working in restaurants ect, but working in a grocery shop was fine because you didnt have to walk around and serve people at the tables, this is the thing i dislike

    i hope you are having fun with alex’s family now, come back with pics!! love u

  8. Ashley

    Aw man, I couldn’t do any kind of job like that. It must have sucked.

    It’s cool that you’re getting to spend time with his neice though, have fun!:smile:


  9. Lisa

    I wouldn’t mind being a waitress but catering. I don’t think so. It seems like a really stressful job to run everywhere and serve dishes to other people. I’d rather be a waitress.

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