I’m lazy – at blogging

I would have had a lot to write the last few days (I think) but I was just oh too lazy to go through this huge process of clicking two clicks until I’d be here, in the “Write Post” section. Gah!

Anyways, I got the EOS 350D (*biggrin*). The lover was a tiny bit envious, but I told him he’s allowed to….. read the instructions 😀 He was not amused. Then I said he’s allowed to …. buy me lenses. He wasn’t amused with that either. Nah, he’s allowed to use the camera of course. I wish I’d be done with Uni and working at a job so that I could buy a new lens soon. I’m happy with the one included but there are so great lenses out there.

We tested the camera last Saturday and the pictures beneath (scroll down if needed) came out. Fun times 😀

I held my “Turkey” speech today. It went well, it went exactly 30 minutes. The prof loved my Presentation (Powerpoint Presentations = my specialty) so I’m happy with that.
Finally, now that the speech is over I can concentrate on the upcoming exams *joy*.

I got my Dad two presents. A “Candle-light-dinner” for two (including for my mom) and a Dvd called “Am Limit” (on the limit), it’s about two extreme-climbers from Bavaria 🙂 It’s more like a documentation and I hope he’ll like it. I’d like to watch it as well.

I’m not at all in a christmas-y mood at all. You?

5 thoughts on “I’m lazy – at blogging”

  1. Glad your presentation went well! I love PowerPoint. You cna do some really nifty things with it.

    I can’t believe Christmas is practically here! I’m still not done with my holiday crafting or shopping. I leave for Florida on the 21st, so I have got to get busy busy busy! 😮

  2. i have been feeling the spirit for a while now actually 😳 i’m going to do xmas shopping tomorrow and i can’t wait..

    those pictures are hilarious! very cute!!

  3. I have the EOS 400 but I also got a really great deal on it. I love my camera and I am really satisfied with the results. I hope you are going to get as much enjoyment from yours as I do from mine. I bet your mum is happy that she is the one included on that candle light dinner 😉

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