Belly 4 months after c-section

4 months after my c-section

How far along: 4 months after Quinn’s birth
How much do I weigh: 51 kg (+2,2 kg from my before pregnancy weight – my goal is to reach 50 kg)
How much does Quinn weigh: around 6,5 kg
Belly size:

Belly 4 months after c-section
Belly 4 months after c-section

Sleep: Quinn is quite fretful at times which keeps me awake. I sometimes put him in his crib which stands before our bedroom door.
Symptoms: My c-section scar itches at times
Maternity clothes: Still the shorts, I could probably wear my normal ones by now but the maternity ones are so comfy 🙂
Miss anything: Not really
Looking forward to: Our big move end of September. A bigger place with a terrace and mini-garden plus a playground right before the garden. Can’t wait to offer Quinn a big place to learn crawling and walking 😀
(Best) happenings:

  • Quinn changed to diaper size 3 on July 12th
  • I had a cold a few days long and Quinn might have had a full nose for one day, but nothing too bad
  • We looked at a bigger apartment, applied for it and got it! Will move end of September
  • Quinn got his second vaccines. Didn’t handle them too well this time, he got a fever that same evening and was very sleepy and whiney the next day. It took about four days for him to be the old Quinn

Sports: Started jogging again, 9 minutes for 1km! (I used to jog at 6,5 minutes / 1km) but it was nice. Going to the gym once or twice a week. Feels good.

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  1. Oh my! You look so good! I’m jealous!! >< I'm also 4 months postpartum and dang you just motivated the crap out of me. It's been hard to take care of everybody and myself, but I miss running/weightlifting. Thank you for the kick in the butt!

    & I would be super excited for that move, it sounds wonderful! Good luck ??

  2. Hey I found your blog by chance while looking around at the blogsphere, but I must start by saying you look incredible for someone that had a baby just a few months ago! My mother had a c-section for my own birth, and after that had a plastic surgery to correct some skin excess on her lower belly, and her scar never looked this neaty and light as yours are. It’s really nice to see someone that is engaged to taking care of her child and also quickly recover from her pregnant body that soon! Cheers for you!

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