Belly 4 weeks after c-section

1 month after my C-Section

I’ll just continue this from my weekly baby bump posts to weekly/monthly post-baby bump birth bump posts (whaat?!)

How far along: 1 month after Quinn’s birth
How much do I weigh: 53,7 kg (that’s around +4 kg from my before pregnancy weight and 8,5 kg I lost)
How much does Quinn weigh: 4230g (gained 1kg in 4 weeks)
Belly size: Taking much longer for the uterus to go back after a c-section. It’s a weird feeling to have a bump seeing I cannot pull my belly in.

Belly 4 weeks after c-section
Belly 4 weeks after c-section

Sleep: Quinn wants to be fed every two to three (sometimes longer) hours, yesterday I fed him at 23:00, then 2:00, 4:30, 7:00. I’m normally awake between 30 and 60 minutes then
Symptoms: Lochia, big belly, my infected area on the scar is a bit itchy and the trouser waistband rubs it which is not that comfortable, short of sleep some days
Maternity clothes: I wear my smallest pants which I wore in the very beginning of my pregnancy. I have to see if I fit into my normal pants, probably not seeing my thighs got fatter as well. UPDATE: No, not at all, they really don’t fit at all.
Miss anything: Kinda miss feeling comfortable in my body and buying clothes in my actual size (and not maternity summer clothes) but that’s clear that it takes a few months to reach your old size (for most moms)
Looking forward to: Going to the gym again and getting my body in shape, also looking forward to meeting Quinn’s pediatrician next week. I hope I/we like him.
Best happenings this week:

  • Quinn’s cord fell off
  • We went into a store for the first time
  • I breast fed in public for the first time, not as easy as I thought
  • Quinn is more awake and we get to play

Sports: Going for walks with Quinn

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