Going on Excursion

Tomorrow I’m leaving at 7am for an excursion to Austria, close to the border of Switzerland. The first night we’re staying on a mountain pasture to where we can park the car right infront.

On the second day 16 people, inclusive one professor, are going to go to a mountain pasture in 2700 meters. That’s a walk of two hours. We have to bring food and all things we need for those two days we’re staying up there and my backpack(s) are soooo damn heavy. I packed and unpacked them a few times and always threw things out I don’t need necessarily (like a second towel), but still the big backpack is very heavy and the second backpack (a small one) is hanging on the backpack, so that’s an additional encumbrance. Oh well 🙂

Read you on Wednesday 😀

People making me sick again

I’m currently reading a biography about Albert Einstein. Quite interesting. It makes me realize – again – how easily people are affected by “what other people said”.
Mothers tend to tell their kids, who might not be all that successful in school (which is a normal thing, for sure), not to give up hope, because Albert Einstein also flunked a class.

No, he didn’t (it says here), but people still will want to believe the rumor. Oh, gotta love the blue-eyed people who believe everything.

But why do people, their personality, their opinions, their attitude affect me so much? Why can’t I just get over it. In every day of my life there will be people, who won’t behave the way I’d like to see them behave. They won’t say “Thank you” where I think it’s appropriate, they won’t hold the door open for you allthough you’re right behind them.

A few days ago we went for a walk in the Englischer Garten. The paths there are for both, pedestrians and bicyclists. Four of us were walking next to each other when we heard a bell of a bike ring. I had no idea where the bicyclist wanted to pass us, I accepted him to pass left, where there were a little less people. Turns out he wanted to pass right where I was walking.

To keep a long story short, he was a 80-year-old man with the attitude “I’ve been driving here for years, this is my way and you gotta move!”, he yelled at us, we yelled at him.

People really make me see red at times. Especially when they are not correct and I am. But they then get mad at me when I tell them that they are doing something wrong.

Some People make me sick at times. In Germany, the cars seem to get bigger and bigger, they need more gas than ever before. It’s so ironic because on one side they’re complaining that they have no money and everything gets so expensive, but on the other side they don’t mind paying a huge amonut of money for gas and big cars. Of course not, people have to seem rich on the outside, rich and attractive. They can’t drive small cars then.

It makes me sick that so many people think that they’re big shit. When there are 100000 people out there who are much more bigger shit than they are, but you’d never notice.

Some Americans make me sick! I was watching a reportage about the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday and how they have to modernize the parts to make it safe for seismic vibrations. Yes, very good that they’re doing that, but how many times did the American Engineers or whatever people say “It is THE bridge – everybody knows it” or “it’s one of the seven technical World Wonders”… I’ve heard those sentences about five to ten times. I’m really surprised they didn’t say “We’re so proud the bridge stands in America! Built by proud Americans! Who die for their fatherland.”

God bless America!

And what’s up with the Despair people? Too lazy to comment? And when your site is closed or on hiatus and there’s nothing to comment on, then put it away from Despair! Too hard?

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