Half a year after giving birth

Wow, I haven’t blogged in ages but I have good excuses:

  1. We moved on September 26 and I was packing packing packing before
  2. my bubby is on parental leave for two months
  3. We moved so I am unpacking unpacking unpacking 🙂

Our baby boy was a good boy the whole move. Sometimes it was hard for me to stop what I was doing to take care of my baby and bring him to bed at around 18:00. I’m used to working until something is done but with a baby the baby’s priorities come first.
We moved into a bigger place on the ground floor. It is so much easier for us now, no more carrying the stroller into the basement, no more carrying the baby and groceries up 50 stairs. It’s a very kids-friendly neighborhood.

Quinn is doing great, he’s such a good boy. Right now he’s growing his first tooth!
He rolled over once, on October 10th 2015, he turned 6 months on October 1st and my little family spent the lovely day in the mountains. On October 2nd I started feeding him his first mush – sweet potatoes. In week two he got parsnip and now in week #3 I give him potatoes, carrots and beef. He wears the size 68/74 now, diaper size is still #3.

I totally forgot about my 5 and 6 months after giving birth blog posts. All I can say, my belly is still there but I do fit into most of my old pants now, even though some are still a bit tight. I just quit the gym in my old hometown and am planning on joining the gym in my new hometown in November. I can’t wait to get back on working out yet I haven’t missed it the last few weeks because I was just too busy with the move.

Now I’m mainly busy getting the new place organized and looking for new furniture to buy 🙂 We are buying a cherry laurel this week to plant in the garden before the first snow is coming. Our two gardens are very small but yet, they have been so much work already. I’m looking forward to next spring so that the bigger garden/terrace can get fixed up.

I hope to keep on blogging more regularly soon but I guess there’s always a longer or shorter slack period on some blogs.

My fortune for 2015

I got a fortune cookie at our local grocery store today and this is what it says

fortune cookie
“Newcomers will appear in your life during the next few weeks”

It says “Newcomers will appear in your life during the next few weeks.” Hah, that’s pretty much true, in about 10 weeks maybe? 🙂

Coconutmilk vs. Coconutmilk

Today we’re cooking Thai. A wok, a lot of veggies, sweet potatoes and, of course, coconut milk.
We have three different coconut milks in our kitchen, two from wholefood shops (which we bought) and one from a discounter (which my mom-in-law bought).

I wanted to check the “best before” date and decide which milk to use and decided to read the ingredients (Zutaten) list instead.

Quite frankly, I was shocked!

The wholefood milks contain coconut and water. Exactly what you expect. (Bio Kokosmilch)

The discounter milk contains coconut extract and a bunch of ingredients I can’t even pronounce.

Next time I’m at a “regular” store (Rewe, Edeka) I’ll check out their Cocosmilk and see what kind of ingredients that contains.
Organic foods might not make you live longer but at least you know that you’re not eating so much chemical crap when buying wholefoods.

My 14th week Baby Bump Story

Week 14

How far along: 14 weeks 4 days (I’m posting this in my almost 16th week)
How much do I weigh: 49,5 kg
Belly size: It’s getting bigger and bigger

Baby Bump Week 14 - 13w4d
Baby Bump Week 14 – 13w4d

Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: The usual
Food (non) cravings: The usual
Symptoms: Well, my 14th week started with me fainting in the train. What a feeling.

I was standing (I don’t go into a train thinking, I might need to sit because I’m pregnant but from now on I’ll make sure I sit) between two seats and all of a sudden I started seeing A LOT of stars and I knew uh, oh, but I couldn’t sit because no seat was available. And also I’m (until now) not the type of person who says “move it, I need to sit”. So I put my head on my backpack (which I had on the front) and just hoped that I’ll be better seeing I knew I needed to get out of the train in about two minutes.

At my station I then put my backback on and didn’t come far, I just fainted right in the corridor and some mid-20-year old girls caught me and sat me right down and gave me sugared candy. I missed my train station of course and was very thankful for those girls, yet also a bit confused. I told them “that never happened to me before, I’m pregnant” and they said that’s what they assumed :).
I eventually got out of the train, still seeing a lot of stars, looked for a bench and just sat a few minutes before going to work. I worked about 4 hours and then got picked up by my boyfriend, bought something to eat and just relaxed and read on the couch.
Maternity clothes: I’d like to wear my jeans I got from my friend but I feel it’s still to early. So – Belly Bands!
Stretch marks: Nope
Miss anything: Not fainting?
Looking forward to: Our vacation in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands
Best happenings this week: Seeing our baby again!

Our Baby in the 14th week - 13w1d
Our Baby in the 14th week – 13w1d

We made the nuchal scan at 13 weeks, 3 days and everything was ok. We saw the nasal bone and the nuchal thickness was under 1,5 mm, the blood results were good as well. So we’re relieved and very happy.
Movement: Nope, though it was quite active during the sonography.
Gender: I’ve read it might be time to tell already and yup, the OB said she’s assuming a gender but we’ll know for sure in five long weeks
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Sports: Workout on Monday, September and October are quite busy months for me at work (plus I’m gone a lot) so I’m planning on going to the gym regularly again as of mid October. I really need to!

I’m all set

books for vacation
I ordered five books which I picked up at my local book dealer yesterday afternoon. Got one book from my mother in law and one from each sister and had three here to read. So now I’m ready for my beach (and surf) vacation. Well, almost ready, I have to pick up the beach-ball set I ordered via Amazon next week 🙂