Books read in April 2014

This month I didn’t read as much as usual. I didn’t ride to work by train as often this month (where I can read) and in the evening on the couch I preferred surfing the web.
At the moment I’m reading Remember me? by Sophie Kinsella. I’m in the mood for a funny chick-lit, so I started it yesterday.

Happy May 1st 🙂

Books read in March 2014

books read in march I know, March isn’t over yet but I won’t finish a book I’ll start reading today by tomorrow, so here are the books I read in March 2014.

I must say, I really enjoy the Thrillers by Sebastian Fitzek. His chapters are very short, which I enjoy, yet it tends to go like “the next chapter is short, just one more chapter…”

All the others are chick-lits and I thought “can you keep a secret” by Sophie Kinsella was very amusing. I started another book by her just today 🙂

Yesterday I made my first mountainbike tour this season, a short tour with my dad and it was very nice. I’m a little out of MTB-shape but I hope I’ll be ok after I made three or four tours.

Books read in January 2014

Above are the books I read in January. I had time – I read a lot. I registered at goodreads and found a lot of books I’d love to read.

I never thought I’d enjoy reading so much, but, I guess it all depends on the book genre. I used to read those hard to read books about life or biography and now I read romance (or chick-lit how I just found out those books are called) and thrillers.

I love going into book stores and just look around for half an hour and leave with two or three books. It’s so relaxing!