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Shop Girl

Today I went shopping, for clothes, which happens maybe once every two years. For regular clothes – not (only) sport clothes.
I did make the mistake of going to the sports department today, so I spent quite some $$ on sport clothes, which, of course, I really really need. Hey – Under Armour came out with new colors!
My closet has too many black t-shirts which annoyed me and got me all depressed. For spring I need colorful t-shirts so I went out to go hunting for colorful shirts. I bought a lot of colorful (well, one grey one but the cut was so nice – it’s a bit wider) t-shirts, some white ones because I’m just a jeans & white shirt girl. One Under Armour T-shirt in blue which I will wear not for sport.

I bought two sport tops, new running socks, a “tiny bag to put on your shoe” and that’s it in the sports department. I actually only wanted to buy the socks, but oh well, while searching for them I came across all the other pretty things.

I also bought a pair of skinny jeans – I don’t like skinny jeans but it’s pretty much the only style you find around. And I bought grey skinny jeans, I like grey skinny jeans, I think they look good with chucks or ballerinas or flip flops. I wanted grey pants in a long time.

After my big shopping tour (in only one store) I took the train to the east center station of the city and stopped by the newly opened Dunkin’ Donuts.
I was a bit swamped by the selection so I took a medium milk coffee (16 oz – wow, that’s almost half a litre!!) and a blueberry-crunch and apple-cinnamon doughnut. I was too scared to take one of their very colorful doughnuts.

Not that I ever went there while living in Austin, Texas, but I still wanted to check it out any eat something American :). While living in Texas I went to Baskin Robbins, Amy’s Ice-Cream, Starbucks, Dairy Queen sometimes… ah… the good American food, I miss it. But then again, if I’d have it here, I’d be fat. So it’s good that it’s far far away.

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Gym Pants
Gym Wear

When you join the gym you need to invest in some gym clothes in which you’ll feel comfortable in. When I joined (exactly three months ago) I put on my clothes I’ve been wearing for years (long sweat pants, some top) and knew right away, I don’t feel good in those. So, the first thing I did is go to my local sports store and get some new pants.


I wanted tight pants which go just over your knee. For girls it’s ok to wear pants like that, for men… maybe not so much.
I grabbed 15 pairs of pants from a lot of diffferent companies and one pair fit. So you need to bring patience and time to the store. The Puma pants were my first, then I decided I need more!
Gym Pants

  1. Summer Gym Pants
    It’s hot in the summer, well, it can be hot. Make sure you own more than one pair, you’ll need more if you go to the gym regularly. And if it’s super hot, buy and wear shorts. Be sure to buy shorts with “built-in-panties” or, if you don’t have shorts with “built-in-panties”, be sure to buy some hot-pants to wear underneath. Nobody wants to see your private parts when you lie on your back and stretch your legs apart (I’m talking out of experience here! Did that mistake once and never again 🙂 ).
  2. Winter Gym Pants
    Buy those if needed. It’s always good to have one long pair. I don’t sweat too much when I’m lifting weights, so that’s where I would wear the long pants if it’s cold outside.


I used to wear a regular t-shirt and my regular bra to the gym in the beginning which turned out not be a great idea. I don’t like tops with sleeves at the gym and you could see too much boob with my regular bra. I remember, my last gym wouldn’t allow sleeveless tops, so be careful with that. Anyway, I’m a fan or tank-tops – colorful tops!
gym tops
I prefer tight and longer tops, so Under Armour is the best company for me. I also have two tops which are a bit wider around the belly, I wear those in the winter 🙂

Sport Bras

Pretty much the same scenario with the bras like with the pants and tops – you need to try on a lot before you know which one is right for you.
For me, the model “12-year-old-girl-whos-just-groing-boobs” seemed best for me 🙂 I actually wanted black but neon was the only color available.
gymwear bra adidas
At first I looked for tops with a built-in bra but I didn’t really like them (too short, too big, too small, too ugly) so the option sport-bra and normal sport-top seemed the better and easier (and also cheaper) one.

The shoes

Honestly, I didn’t need new shoes, I have enough Chucks and Asics and Adidas I could have worn. I also own a pair of Nike running shoes which I bought around six years ago. I still wear the Nike to go jogging through the woods, so, when it’s wet outside you can imagine what they look like. And I’m too lazy to clean them, so there, my excuse to buy new shoes just for the gym. I actually bought shoes I liked – I didn’t look at the model (if they are for running or training or cross or whatsoever), I just browsed the internet for shoes I liked. And voila!
gymwear shoes under armour
I really like them, they are comfortable and stable (they are running shoes) and I’m happy with them. I only wear them at the gym so I don’t have to clean them before I put them on. Don’t forget to buy a couple of short socks to go with them – wearing normal socks you’d wear to work etc. doesn’t look good.

What’s in my Gym Bag

Other than the membership card my gym-bag (I just use a backpack) contains
gym bag
The most important thing in my gym bag is probably the drinking bottle, followed by the gym towel. My pulse watch I normally only wear when I do cardio, I bought it for jogging because there’s where I need it. At the gym I mainly use it to see how many calories I’ve lost. Now I also always take my shower stuff with me. I bought some little bottles of shampoo and lotion and cream. I didn’t shower at the gym at the beginning but after you experience an hour of cardio training at 30+ degrees Celsius outside, where you’re not able to stop sweating, there’s nothing better than to jump into the shower right after. It’s not a nice feeling to put on your normal clothes when you’re dripping of sweat all over.

Now I’m addicted on buying gym clothing. My wishlist contains a new pair of running shoes (because they’re so pretty), more Under Armour tops and a GPS watch. I didn’t buy all the clothing at once. At first I thought it’s enough to own one pair of short pants and only one bra and maybe two tops. But, especially now in the hot summer, you’re really grateful if you don’t have to wash your clothes all the time.

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