21 Days Happiness Challenge – Day 2

Give Gold Stars

21-DayChallenge-BlogPhotoToday’s resolution suggests that you “Give gold stars.” If you’re like me, you may think a lot about wanting gold stars, but in a happy relationship, giving gold stars turns out to be very important, too.

If you tried this resolution, did it boost your feelings of gratitude and tenderness?

Did it make a difference to your happiness?

I do say nice things to the boyfriend when he helps me clean or make dinner. I tell him he did a good job, and I really mean it. It means a lot to me when he helps, when we do things together in our apartment. It’s not a girls job to clean and cook and wash the laundry (if she also works 40+ hours a week).
And seeing that I really appreciate when the Lover helps, I tell him 🙂

21 Day Happiness Challenge – Day 1

Kiss in the Morning, Kiss at Night
21-DayChallenge-BlogPhotoToday’s resolution suggests that you “Kiss in the morning, kiss at night.” If kissing isn’t appropriate in your situation, you might substitute a hug, or make other efforts to show a bit more physical affection than you might otherwise do.

How does this resolution sound to you? If you tried it, did it come naturally, or did it feel forced?
Did it make a difference to your happiness?

This is something the Boyfriend and I do, or try to do, on a daily basis anyway. Most of the times it comes naturally, sometimes it feels forced, for example when I’m very very tired at night and the he comes close with his kiss-mouth and wants a smooch. But, it makes me happy when I can make my boyfriend happy 🙂