21 Days Happiness Challenge – Day 2

Give Gold Stars

21-DayChallenge-BlogPhotoToday’s resolution suggests that you “Give gold stars.” If you’re like me, you may think a lot about wanting gold stars, but in a happy relationship, giving gold stars turns out to be very important, too.

If you tried this resolution, did it boost your feelings of gratitude and tenderness?

Did it make a difference to your happiness?

I do say nice things to the boyfriend when he helps me clean or make dinner. I tell him he did a good job, and I really mean it. It means a lot to me when he helps, when we do things together in our apartment. It’s not a girls job to clean and cook and wash the laundry (if she also works 40+ hours a week).
And seeing that I really appreciate when the Lover helps, I tell him 🙂