I miss the gym!

This is the first time since 2012 that I’m sick. And with sick I mean, having a bad cold and not being able to go to work. It started on Sunday, January 5th, that day I did a 30 minute circuit training workout. I didn’t feel too well but I didn’t feel too bad either. Monday was a holiday, so, no work and I stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday. I did go to work on Thursday because I felt quite good on Wednesday but my running nose started on Thursday so I stayed home on Friday.

Now it’s Sunday and I still don’t feel 100%. It feels like (I hope) I need about two more days to be back on track!

Anyway, knock on wood, I only missed work one day last year (after I got stung by a bee and couldn’t sleep the whole night).

I didn’t feel too good before my trip to France in October last year and blogged about what sucks the most when you’re sick, and it’s NOT BEING ABLE TO GO TO THE GYM!!

I don’t believe in working out with a cold. I think your body needs all the energy it can get to get healthy again and not to build muscles or improve your fitness. And also, I can’t imagine people at the gym would appreciate when I sneeze and caugh and blow my nose all the time. I wouldn’t like that either.

So, yesterday I was so bored so I took some random photos.

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