France 2014

I’ve been back from my three week vacation in France since July 12th. Yet I was too busy (or lazy) to blog about it.
It was lovely, as always, the weather was so so, the waves were mostly good. The last week t got quite windy but at least we didn’t get sand blown in our faces 🙂 So all good.
I went jogging every other day which was soo nice and relaxing and amazing. Hearing the ocean and the chirrs of the crickets. Just lovely. We also enjoyed good food and lots of sweets and alcohol.
Let the photos talk…

Windy Day
Best Sandwich EVER
Why drink water if you can drink beer?
Why drink water if you can drink beer?
Bad weather ahead
Bad weather ahead
So good burgers!!
So good burgers!!
On the way to the beach
On the way to the beach
For the first time in my life I tried Macarons.
For the first time in my life I tried Macarons.

Back home

Back home from surfing in France. I’ll miss the beach and the Atlantic, I’m happy to be back home though as well and back with my family.
Somehow I always get the blues on vacation because I think I’ll miss something back home or that something has happened. Boo! Vacation is there to relax!

Surfing went well, again, my board was the prettiest on the whole beach 😉 It’s a pretty pink & white mini malibu from H.S.A.. This year we had quite a few days with no waves at all so we rented bikes on one day and a SUP the other day. Riding a SUP is ok, I can imagine it’s quite boring to do it NOT on the ocean but a lake.

I went “sea-shell-hunting” each morning and came back with a lot, but also with about 10kg of stones :). It’s like an addiction. I love finding sea shells (and pretty stones).

Bye bye beach, I can’t wait to find more sea-shells next year!

Food was great, we went out to eat three times, I had “moules” which are yum and a lot of wine. I also tried a lot of french pastries this year which are very yum!

Vacation ahead

Oh yeah! I can’t wait to be at the beach, surf a few waves, have sunshine and warm weather. After all the rain and coldness here I’m really really looking forward to this vacation!

A few days ago I had my first strength measurement. I gained a few kilos of strenght almost at every machine

  1. row: May 11: 29,4kg – Jun 28: 29,4kg = +0 kg 🙁
  2. ab crunch: May 11: 22,7kg – Jun 28: 26,7kg = +4 kg
  3. leg curl: May 11: 21,1kg – Jun 28: 29,4kg = +8,3 kg
  4. chest press: May 11: 23,9kg – Jun 28: 27,3kg = +3,4 kg
  5. back extension: May 11: 31kg – Jun 28: 44,3kg = +13,3 kg
  6. leg extension: May 11: 22,9kg – Jun 28: 32,3kg = +9,4 kg
  7. lat pull: May 11: 26kg – Jun 28: 32,7kg = +6,7 kg
  8. glutaeus: May 11: 16,4kg – Jun 28: 29,1kg = +12,7 kg

How motivating is that to see how you gain muscle?! VERY! I’m kinda happy with my first milestone I set myself, of course my belly fat is still there but I’m pretty sure it will take me months to get rid of that (IF I get rid of it).
I did reach most of the goals I set though:
My goals for each week:

  • work out at least 3 times during the week check – mon/tue/thu are my work-out days
  • work out 1 or 2 times on the weekend check
  • cut down on sweets – not sure if I can check this 😉
  • on sundays, go to the gym in the morning before (the big) breakfast check – if I have nothing else planned
  • don’t pig out on weekends check
  • ride the bike to work as often as possible the days it didn’t rain and where it wasn’t freezing cold I took the bike
  • get informed about interval training and pre-/post-workout foods – need to check on the foods
  • in the strength circuit, increase weight every week or every two weeks increased
  • at the gym after a working day, try to lose all the calories I’ve eaten up until the workout – nope, not possible when I only do strength training

I might take my running shoes and thera-bands with on vacation, maybe.