5 months after giving birth

How much do I weigh: 51,3 kg
My belly circumference: 83 cm
How much does Lucy weigh: about 6900 g

Lucy 5 months old
Lucy 5 months old

Diaper size: 2 & 3
Sleep: Soso. Some nights very good, some other nights I feel like I only slept 2 minutes. Doesn’t help that the toddler sleeps in our bed pretty much every night and kicks me. Lucy kicks when she’s awake and I can’t sleep when she does that. Last night she kicked for pretty much one hour.
My Symptoms: I got my period meh. I lose a buuuunch of hair, it’s terrible.
Lucy’s Symptoms / what’s new: She’s cross eyed, she rolls from her back to belly and back.
Maternity clothes: Still the shorts. I fit into my normal jeans but they’re just quite tight
Miss anything: sleep 😀
Best happenings that last month:

  • Q had his first Kindergarten day. All went well, he really wants to go.
  • Went for a 6 day vacation in South Tyrol. Too short. We stayed at a little farm and Q loved the cows.
  • Went to Dino World
  • Had a big family gathering at the beergarden
  • Q’s and L’s cousins, uncle and Oma came to visit one night.
  • Went to an osteopath with L seeing she’s always quite stiff when I pick her up. Three appointments. I feel it got better

Sports: I try to go to the gym every other day