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So, as you might notice I don’t blog. Reason at first was the studying (I’ll get the results on thursday at midnight) The reason now is that I have so much planned, for which I didn’t have time to the last few weeks. It’s basically just working, having time for myself and friends, sports, visiting people, helping my mom who just twisted her knee (she’s starting too already). Plus I’m kinda sick of this layout and really think about switching to WP-themes. They seem so much easier to handle. idk… So if this site looks goofy you know I’m working on it. If it continues to stay looking goofy you know I got sick on working on it 🙂 <3

6 thoughts on “Awe

  1. Snehz

    Heya hun just came back from holiday 🙂 All the very best for your results on thursday i’m sure you aced it 😉 goofy? Nope Tracy and goofy are two extremes, site looks absolootly slap bang so I would worry about a thing!! Oh and I nearly finished skinning the site so drop by anytime 🙂 Take care bubz

    Sneha xoxo

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