I have made the pick
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This is what I’m talking about

#1 – I printed out your personality. I didn’t write your name on the little note, because that might influence my choice of present 🙂

Want to?

#2 – I made the pieces of papers nice and small

Want to?

#3 – And picked two
Want to?

I think this is going to be really hard. I have two different personalities in front of me, I don’t know the person behind them. Phew – I guess I’ll just have those two little notes in my wallet every day and when I’m downtown in a store I’ll read them over and over again and see what I come up with.

After I have bought the presents (or not bought) I’ll look who of you guys it is 🙂 Exciting 😀

10 thoughts on “I have made the pick

  1. Ashley

    Wow! I didn’t realize you were going to not know who it is that you’re buying for until after buying. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll get great things for whomever you’ve drawn. I’m excited! I can’t wait to find out what you got. Even if it’s not me, this is fun!

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