It’s June Already
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Time seems to somehow fly! It’s nice though, in two weeks I’ll be in Croatia enjoying my vacation. I can’t wait! It’s been so long since I’ve been on a beach last. I think it was six years ago – in Croatia.

If you look on my Archives Page, you’ll see that since I’ve started my job in February 09 I hardly blog anymore. Maybe twice or three times a month (including the mini-posts). I’m really not in the mood to do anything on my site at the moment. On the weekends I’d rather do something else than sit in front of the PC. I’m really sick of this layout though. Too lazy and un-creative to create a new one… Let’s see, maybe sometime in the future my passion will be back.

My cousin (with a friend) from the States has visited from Wednesday to Saturday. I was so exhausted yesterday (Sunday) that I did nothing. It was her first time in Munich (Europe generally) so I showed them nice and interesting places of Munich, we ate a lot of sausage, Sauerkraut, Leberkäse and Fleischpflanzerl and drank a lot of Radler. Typical Bavarian food you get when you visit me 😉

Just wanted to drop by my site again and leave a short message. Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for still reading my posts and commenting, even though I don’t visit your site as often at the moment..

6 thoughts on “It’s June Already

  1. Chans

    Have a great summer Tracy. I know what it’s like feeling you want to do something else than sit behind the computer when you have a day off (or during the weekends). I’m kind of the same way. My job consists of sitting at the computer all day anyway so it’s nice to have a break, although if I haven’t blogged in a while I start to miss it.

  2. Lisa

    We’re in the same place at the moment, I don’t really feel like blogging or updating my site much either… I guess the passion comes and goes 🙂
    Have a great summer and a great time in Croatia! (I miss the beach as well!)

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