The office / guestroom

So, our move is completed and seeing we moved into an apartment double the size of the old one, there is a lot to do. The office/guest room is done, I:

  • painted one wall blue
  • bought two IKEA Fjälkinge shelves (one big and one small) plus drawers (why have I never used those before, they are metal and look pretty neat)
  • pimped our IKEA desk and IKEA Alex drawer with some foil
  • pimped my pin board by painting it grey and putting some styrofoam around it

FjälkingeIKEA Alex and Desk pimpPin Board
Found some cute boxes too although I wasn’t even looking 😀
Cute boxes
The pull-out couch is on the side of the blue wall. I’m happy with the results esp. because I thought this would be the last room to get done.

Today the baby-bed is coming so the next room I’ll try to finish is my son’s room. I’m thinking of painting one wall green and/or buying a wall-tattoo. It’s nice to get rooms done where you feel comfortable in 😀

Does anybody else like to renovate their room/apartment?

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4 thoughts on “The office / guestroom

  1. Queenie

    I love your finished room! It looks so cute and pretty!
    I always wanted to renovate my room since my room always had a similar layout/look.
    This is also great since it will inspire me to decor my dorm room in a few weeks 😀

  2. Becca

    Oh, how cute! I love the desk and drawers, they look so sleek and nice. You did a great job! I love renovating and decorating. I’m slowly getting to do some of the things that I’ve wanted to do, but there’s not much space in our apartment, so I’m excited for when I can move out and do my own thing!

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