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The office / guestroom

So, our move is completed and seeing we moved into an apartment double the size of the old one, there is a lot to do. The office/guest room is done, I:

  • painted one wall blue
  • bought two IKEA Fjälkinge shelves (one big and one small) plus drawers (why have I never used those before, they are metal and look pretty neat)
  • pimped our IKEA desk and IKEA Alex drawer with some foil
  • pimped my pin board by painting it grey and putting some styrofoam around it

FjälkingeIKEA Alex and Desk pimpPin Board
Found some cute boxes too although I wasn’t even looking 😀
Cute boxes
The pull-out couch is on the side of the blue wall. I’m happy with the results esp. because I thought this would be the last room to get done.

Today the baby-bed is coming so the next room I’ll try to finish is my son’s room. I’m thinking of painting one wall green and/or buying a wall-tattoo. It’s nice to get rooms done where you feel comfortable in 😀

Does anybody else like to renovate their room/apartment?

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February is here

Happy February!
Today was/is a good day – I’m on vacation, so, of course it’s a good day.
Went to the doctor at 07:45 in the morning to get my blood test, then I went to a drugstore and bought some stuff for the bathtub, my hair, some creams, then I went to the bakery and then I went grocery shopping.
Came home, chatted on the phone, ate breakfast & organised some stuff here at home, read through some magazines and now I’m blogging.
Later I might be driving to IKEA and a hardware store to get a few things for our apartment.

Yes, that’s a good day today 🙂

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New Billy

I went to IKEA to buy a white 80cmx202cm Billy for our guest room today. Got it home, painted the back in a silverish grey and built it together. I got an extra extension for the Billy beginning of the week from a guy who offered it in the newspaper for free. The white is a bit different but who cares – I didn’t have to pay for that extra space 🙂

IKEA Billy


I also put a crown molding on the top. The boyfriend and I are both happy that we have a new place for our (mostly his) books 🙂
It fits great to our new couch (which arrived yesterday) and the little billy, which we bought around two weeks ago.
Couch & Billy

Couch & Billy

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