41 weeks pregnant

How far along: 41 weeks
How much do I weigh: 61,8 kg (+12 kg)
Baby size: growing and growing
Belly size: The circumference (2cm under the belly button) is 106 cm and from top to bottom it’s 44 cm
Belly button in or out: even/out
Sleep: not so good the last couple of days, but our little toddler-Q has a lot to process during the night and I always wake up when he makes a sound
Food (non) cravings: Nothing special
Symptoms: I actually feel really really good. I have a few contractions, sometimes the head really pushes into a nerve in my right leg but other than that, I feel too good…
Maternity clothes: they are all getting very tight
Stretch marks: my belly skin is showing more red lines/areas but no stretch marks
Linea negra: above the belly button
Miss anything: nah, weather is great, it’s warm and sunny, I feel good, all good
Looking forward to: Our baby
Best happenings this week: knowing that there’s a bunch of amniotic fluid (around 11) and the placenta is 99% intact
Movement: Daily, lots
Gender: Hmmm
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Sports: just bringing toddler-Q to day-care and doing households