What did I spend money on?
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Thanks to Sarai and her little list of what to blog about, I’m blogging again πŸ™‚ (today at least). I really have some sort of block at the moment, I have no idea what to write about, although my days are super busy and filled with ton of things to blog about – I’m just not in the mood.

Number 38 on Sarai’s list is “What do you spend money on?”, so I’m going to share what I bought from May 1st to May 23rd 2008:

  • May 5: food
  • May 5: gas
  • May 6: new tires for my bike
  • May 13: shorts from Vero Moda
  • May 13: gas
  • May 13: food
  • May 14: phone bill
  • May 14: shower gel, shampoo and things like that
  • May 14: New Ballerinas
  • May 14: Gifts for the two winners (which I haven’t sent yet)
  • May 16: Flip Flops
  • May 19: food
  • May 20: travel insurance

Not very exciting

The two winners
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Once again, I had my two printed out personalities of the want-to contest with me, as I entered Karstadt. I wanted to look for some fitting gifts for the two personalities in my hand, and I’m telling you, it wasn’t easy. I actually feel like I went shopping for kids πŸ˜€ Well, I spent about one hour looking for goodies and just picked things spontaneously which I though might fit.

The two personalities I shopped for today were:

I had no idea who I picked, I just checked about five minutes ago. Oh, and I just realize – Both in Europe, meaning, not as much postage – YAY πŸ˜€

Congrats you two – I really think my gifts suck (I wouldn’t like them lol) but it was fun. Doing this by only knowing a person’s personality is sooooo hard. I think, next time I’ll do it by “favorite color” or something similar.

What’s up?
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Where’s Tracy at!?

by Ashley

Oho, I know, sorry for not posting for so long. I just, wasn’t in the mood at all.

The weather here has been gorgeous, for almost a week now there’s no cloud in the sky, it’s nice and warm and windy, which makes a perfect climate.
I’ve been up to quite a lot of things.

First of all, I started the “365 Project” again on Flickr, so if you’re a friend of mine, you can see my daily whatever of me here

The thesis isn’t going so well. Tomorrow and Thursday I’m going to spend my day in the library to write a bit for it. We’re waiting for some data, so until that hasn’t arrived I can’t go any further (in testing).

The movie about the university is going ok. We’ve been shooting a lot in May, I’ve been busy making appointments, meeting with different faculties, walking and riding through Munich, recording all the typical Munich places. The movie we’re creating is an image-film with a length of 3-5 minutes.

About the layout – ehrm – I already started to create a new one – again! I have no idea if and when I’ll put a new one up…

I’d like to get the two winners packages sent out by the end of May. I still don’t know who they are πŸ˜‰

So hard, so hard
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On Saturday I had time for MYSELF. Fun times πŸ™‚

Anyways, I was in the mood for creating a new layout (yes, again, and yes, the one I posted a while ago is not anymore)

Instead of creating one though, I created three… *sigh*

There are a lot of things I don’t like in the first two – the font of in the first one, the blue box on the side in the second one, I was too lazy to change that though seeing I have no idea if I really like the layouts created. I wanted a plain one, I managed that in the first two. The third one is cute, I’m not sure if I’ll get bored by it soon though. Boo!

Thesis, Projects and Shopping

This is going to be my first time blogging ((ok, blogging is, in the meantime, a standard word in this era. Why does Firefox still underline is red? Ok, Firefox is also underlined red πŸ™‚ )) about my thesis and how it’s going, is it?

Well, it’s going so lala. I know I need to keep writing on it, but it’s hard with no pressure. My deadline is September 23rd, I assume, which is a lot of time (sort of). BUT, I need to keep at it. It’s not good if I only play with the SAR data and not write about it.

The projects at uni get busier day by day. I try to keep at least one day of the weekend for me (and the lover or friends). This is my schedule:

  • Monday
    Work ((by work I mean, I’m at the company where I write my thesis and work on my thesis)) until 1pm, Project Wiki and Podcasting at 2pm until about 4pm.
  • Tuesday
    Work until 1pm, Class (business start-up) from 2pm until 3.30pm, eventually Project corporate video after that
  • Wednesday
    Work until 3pm, the library until about 6 or 7pm
  • Thursday
    same as Wednesday
  • Friday
    Work until 3pm, if I’m in the mood then library, if not, home and apartment cleaning
  • Saturday
    Meeting with the team for the Project corporate video, eventually working on the Project Wiki and Podcasting
  • Sunday
    Eventually working on the Project Wiki and Podcasting, doing nothing 😎

The project corporate video is a project about our university, made from me and five others. It’s fun, a lot of work though. I hope it will turn out good, but well, it has to πŸ˜‰

The project Wiki and Podcasting is about building a encyclopedia for our uni and about our departments. We got an Apple server today (wee) and I’m responsible for logo design and web design, but also for Wiki and Podcasting. I’ve never created a logo, so I’m happy I’m doing that because that way I get to know Adobe Illustrator a bit better.

Every project I’m working on is a nice extra thing for my resume and I’m happy we get the opportunity.

top I went shopping today (yay), I haven’t been in ages (ebay doesn’t count). pants

I got two lovely Vero Moda tops (in white and in turquoise) (image © and some hot and sexy running pants (image © Nike) πŸ™‚ That’s enough spending money this month. Well, ok, I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow, I’m allowed, I guess. When I’m out of money during the month I normally save on the food and eat products I’ve had for years (or months). Just on Saturday I made noodles with the date of expiry in 2006 :). They still were yummy, of course.

I also still need to think of something for my two winners. I already have one idea, but I need more!!!

I’d also like to get a more springy-y layout up (as seen on this post), the time is not there though. I’m glad I’m still not fed up with this layout.

Have a good week y’all!

Yeah, so?

Now, I haven’t been following it because I really don’t care, but what’s the big deal about videos on Flickr?

I’ve searched for the tags “no” and “video” and came up with a bunch of Pictures.


Flickr announced on April 9th (I think) about the Videos and today, April 11th, I find 56,327 results on “no video” pictures.

People say it’s going to be the second “YouTube”, that

Flickr is slowly going downhill

Flickr has TOTALLY sold out. It was perfect just how it was in the beginning. Now they’re just destroying it.
FLICKR ADMINS: You are killing something that used to be great. Video-Flickr is the beginning of your swan song.
You used to be cool. What happened?

Hehe :mrgreen: Reading posts on a thread like this amuses me.

Is it really such a big deal? And if you think so, why?