He’ll be thirty!
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I’m talking about the Lover, it’s his 30th birthday on July 11th.
Now, I know what to get him for unpersonal gifts((not going to mention them here, although he never reads my blog, I bet, this time he will)), but what personal gift should I make him?

I could give him a blow job, sure, but that’ll be over in… 60 minutes, so… not a good choice.
I could take him out to eat – but I don’t have the money for a luxury dinner.
I could spend a night with him in a nice hotel in a different city, but same problem as above.
I could cook him something, but we’re spending the weekend at his parent’s place, so, no.
I could dress up all sexy (and not wear my “grandma panties” – how he calls them), but same problem as above.

Any ideas for a personal-y gift?

Oh Sundays
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My typical Sunday looks something like this:

  • Sleep in
  • After sleeping in just staying in bed, because you can
  • Get up, drink a cup of coffee, with milk and one spoon of sugar
  • Go online and browse random sites
  • Eat a nice breakfast
  • Maybe do some sports
  • Lie in bed, watching TV or listening to music
  • Eat dinner with the Lover

Today I’m driving out to my parent’s. I haven’t seen my dad in ages.
A very relaxed Sunday. It was a very relaxed weekend all in all, I did NOTHING.

How does your Sunday look like?

What did I spend money on?
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Thanks to Sarai and her little list of what to blog about, I’m blogging again πŸ™‚ (today at least). I really have some sort of block at the moment, I have no idea what to write about, although my days are super busy and filled with ton of things to blog about – I’m just not in the mood.

Number 38 on Sarai’s list is “What do you spend money on?”, so I’m going to share what I bought from May 1st to May 23rd 2008:

  • May 5: food
  • May 5: gas
  • May 6: new tires for my bike
  • May 13: shorts from Vero Moda
  • May 13: gas
  • May 13: food
  • May 14: phone bill
  • May 14: shower gel, shampoo and things like that
  • May 14: New Ballerinas
  • May 14: Gifts for the two winners (which I haven’t sent yet)
  • May 16: Flip Flops
  • May 19: food
  • May 20: travel insurance

Not very exciting

The two winners
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Once again, I had my two printed out personalities of the want-to contest with me, as I entered Karstadt. I wanted to look for some fitting gifts for the two personalities in my hand, and I’m telling you, it wasn’t easy. I actually feel like I went shopping for kids πŸ˜€ Well, I spent about one hour looking for goodies and just picked things spontaneously which I though might fit.

The two personalities I shopped for today were:

I had no idea who I picked, I just checked about five minutes ago. Oh, and I just realize – Both in Europe, meaning, not as much postage – YAY πŸ˜€

Congrats you two – I really think my gifts suck (I wouldn’t like them lol) but it was fun. Doing this by only knowing a person’s personality is sooooo hard. I think, next time I’ll do it by “favorite color” or something similar.

What’s up?
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Where’s Tracy at!?

by Ashley

Oho, I know, sorry for not posting for so long. I just, wasn’t in the mood at all.

The weather here has been gorgeous, for almost a week now there’s no cloud in the sky, it’s nice and warm and windy, which makes a perfect climate.
I’ve been up to quite a lot of things.

First of all, I started the “365 Project” again on Flickr, so if you’re a friend of mine, you can see my daily whatever of me here http://www.flickr.com/photos/trayay.

The thesis isn’t going so well. Tomorrow and Thursday I’m going to spend my day in the library to write a bit for it. We’re waiting for some data, so until that hasn’t arrived I can’t go any further (in testing).

The movie about the university is going ok. We’ve been shooting a lot in May, I’ve been busy making appointments, meeting with different faculties, walking and riding through Munich, recording all the typical Munich places. The movie we’re creating is an image-film with a length of 3-5 minutes.

About the layout – ehrm – I already started to create a new one – again! I have no idea if and when I’ll put a new one up…

I’d like to get the two winners packages sent out by the end of May. I still don’t know who they are πŸ˜‰

So hard, so hard
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On Saturday I had time for MYSELF. Fun times πŸ™‚

Anyways, I was in the mood for creating a new layout (yes, again, and yes, the one I posted a while ago is not anymore)

Instead of creating one though, I created three… *sigh*

There are a lot of things I don’t like in the first two – the font of schatzi.me in the first one, the blue box on the side in the second one, I was too lazy to change that though seeing I have no idea if I really like the layouts created. I wanted a plain one, I managed that in the first two. The third one is cute, I’m not sure if I’ll get bored by it soon though. Boo!