So hard, so hard
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On Saturday I had time for MYSELF. Fun times ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, I was in the mood for creating a new layout (yes, again, and yes, the one I posted a while ago is not anymore)

Instead of creating one though, I created three… *sigh*

There are a lot of things I don’t like in the first two – the font of schatzi.me in the first one, the blue box on the side in the second one, I was too lazy to change that though seeing I have no idea if I really like the layouts created. I wanted a plain one, I managed that in the first two. The third one is cute, I’m not sure if I’ll get bored by it soon though. Boo!

Thesis, Projects and Shopping

This is going to be my first time blogging ((ok, blogging is, in the meantime, a standard word in this era. Why does Firefox still underline is red? Ok, Firefox is also underlined red ๐Ÿ™‚ )) about my thesis and how it’s going, is it?

Well, it’s going so lala. I know I need to keep writing on it, but it’s hard with no pressure. My deadline is September 23rd, I assume, which is a lot of time (sort of). BUT, I need to keep at it. It’s not good if I only play with the SAR data and not write about it.

The projects at uni get busier day by day. I try to keep at least one day of the weekend for me (and the lover or friends). This is my schedule:

  • Monday
    Work ((by work I mean, I’m at the company where I write my thesis and work on my thesis)) until 1pm, Project Wiki and Podcasting at 2pm until about 4pm.
  • Tuesday
    Work until 1pm, Class (business start-up) from 2pm until 3.30pm, eventually Project corporate video after that
  • Wednesday
    Work until 3pm, the library until about 6 or 7pm
  • Thursday
    same as Wednesday
  • Friday
    Work until 3pm, if I’m in the mood then library, if not, home and apartment cleaning
  • Saturday
    Meeting with the team for the Project corporate video, eventually working on the Project Wiki and Podcasting
  • Sunday
    Eventually working on the Project Wiki and Podcasting, doing nothing ๐Ÿ˜Ž

The project corporate video is a project about our university, made from me and five others. It’s fun, a lot of work though. I hope it will turn out good, but well, it has to ๐Ÿ˜‰

The project Wiki and Podcasting is about building a encyclopedia for our uni and about our departments. We got an Apple server today (wee) and I’m responsible for logo design and web design, but also for Wiki and Podcasting. I’ve never created a logo, so I’m happy I’m doing that because that way I get to know Adobe Illustrator a bit better.

Every project I’m working on is a nice extra thing for my resume and I’m happy we get the opportunity.

top I went shopping today (yay), I haven’t been in ages (ebay doesn’t count). pants

I got two lovely Vero Moda tops (in white and in turquoise) (image © Angels-Webshop.nl) and some hot and sexy running pants (image © Nike) ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s enough spending money this month. Well, ok, I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow, I’m allowed, I guess. When I’m out of money during the month I normally save on the food and eat products I’ve had for years (or months). Just on Saturday I made noodles with the date of expiry in 2006 :). They still were yummy, of course.

I also still need to think of something for my two winners. I already have one idea, but I need more!!!

I’d also like to get a more springy-y layout up (as seen on this post), the time is not there though. I’m glad I’m still not fed up with this layout.

Have a good week y’all!

Yeah, so?

Now, I haven’t been following it because I really don’t care, but what’s the big deal about videos on Flickr?

I’ve searched for the tags “no” and “video” and came up with a bunch of Pictures.


Flickr announced on April 9th (I think) about the Videos and today, April 11th, I find 56,327 results on “no video” pictures.

People say it’s going to be the second “YouTube”, that

Flickr is slowly going downhill

Flickr has TOTALLY sold out. It was perfect just how it was in the beginning. Now they’re just destroying it.
FLICKR ADMINS: You are killing something that used to be great. Video-Flickr is the beginning of your swan song.
You used to be cool. What happened?

Hehe :mrgreen: Reading posts on a thread like this amuses me.

Is it really such a big deal? And if you think so, why?

Why I hate dislike the news
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Reading bad news makes me

  • depressed
  • upset
  • sad
  • scared
  • angry

I have the “local” south-German newspaper in my Feedreader. I’ll scroll through it and click the titles I’m interested in.
The most depressing/scary/… news I read the last week(s):

  • Young mom gets killed in a car because people throw a log from a highway bridge
  • A young mom doesn’t have to go to jail, because when she killed her kid, she didn’t know what she was doing
  • A person driving the subway in Munich gets beaten up by young guys – AGAIN
  • and lots more

Sometimes I’d be happier to not know about anything. A world without radio/tv/internet/newspaper – I’d like that <3

Privacy Online
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On Sunday I sat on this computer ((well, I sat on my chair, NEXT to the computer and INFRONT of the monitor and keyboard)) and deleted a bunch of my accounts and made all the other sites I’m still a member at (vox) personal.

I don’t mind people I know offline finding me online (my ex-boyfriend, offline friends), no, if offliners ask me for my site ((me:”oh, I love coding and working with Photoshop” person:”Do you have a website?” me:”Ehrm, I guess”)) they’re quite impressed. None of my friends code, none of my friends work as much with Photoshop (well, some).

A couple of months ago I received two emails at my @schatzi.me account. The two emails came from the company which support my current diploma thesis with satellite data.

The emails were great, the employees writing me offered help, said I shouldn’t hesitate to email them when I have questions. They said “we found you through google’s automated text search” ((I have not linked the site, I only wrote the name of the satellite in my about section)).

On one side I was glad they found my page, on the other side I was worried. I was sitting at work, hardly concentrating on my thesis, just thinking “Oh gawd, I hope my about page doesn’t say something like My favorite sexual position is this and that and I really love getting laid in the morning “. I couldn’t wait to get home and check.

On Sunday, as noted above, I deleted accounts like Twitter (never used it), removed a bunch of photos, made my accounts private, updated this site (also new picture on the top, me from behind, not very personal, but most of you know how I look anyways ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I’ve done that because I’ll be looking for a job this fall and I can imagine CEO’s of a company like to open IE, FF, Opera… , go to google.com and just search for the person applying. If you search for “Tracy” on the Germany google you’ll find my page as #6 on the first page (yay) :mrgreen:

So well, I’m not fake, it’s me, my real name, my real interests, I’m just not as personal as I used to be (and with that I mean I won’t tell you anymore stories about how bloody my tampon was today (did I ever?), how many orgasms I had yesterday night, and no, I won’t post anymore naked pictures of myself ๐Ÿ˜› (again, did I ever?) )

How personal are you on your website?
Where can I get cute smilies?

I have made the pick
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This is what I’m talking about

#1 – I printed out your personality. I didn’t write your name on the little note, because that might influence my choice of present ๐Ÿ™‚

Want to?

#2 – I made the pieces of papers nice and small

Want to?

#3 – And picked two
Want to?

I think this is going to be really hard. I have two different personalities in front of me, I don’t know the person behind them. Phew – I guess I’ll just have those two little notes in my wallet every day and when I’m downtown in a store I’ll read them over and over again and see what I come up with.

After I have bought the presents (or not bought) I’ll look who of you guys it is ๐Ÿ™‚ Exciting ๐Ÿ˜€