It has arrived
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I’m blogging this post from my new PC and my new widescreen monitor πŸ™‚ Both work great. McAffe is installed – so no need to worry. Office 07 is a pain. The old Office formats were always quite the same, but Office 07? Totally different. It’s nice looking though and I knew that it’s totally different but I still ordered it, so I’ll have to get used to it sometime soon.

The only thing that’s confusing me is – I ordered the PC with 4GB RAM but when I check with [WINDOWS]+[PAUSE] it tells me I have 3GB. Every order/email/order certificate tells me I have 4GB so I don’t know if I’m just not seeing the other 1GB or if they gave me too less. I’ll probably check out Dell’s support. Odd.

EDIT: I’m not using Vista – I ordered the Windows XP Media Center OS. It’s great for maintaining Music, Photos … all the Media things.

Good and Bad Things
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There are going to be three (maybe more) topics I’m going to write about today:


I bought a Dell πŸ˜€ In my previous post I wrote about my car and that it got sold. With the money I got for my car I could buy this PC. Which I really need. My current PC isn’t too good (well, it lasted three years and I had a lot of good times with it), but my video card is kaputt and it’s hard to work or surf when you only see bright red/green stripes across the monitor.

So.. I’ve ordered the Dimension 9200 “Gamers Delignt”. I’m not a gamer but out of my sucky experience I ordered one of the newest video cards with it from nVidia – GeForce 8600. Other things it has:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Windows XP Media Center (didn’t want Vista – yet)
  • 4096 RAM
  • 320 GB hard disc
  • Wide Flat Panel – 20″
  • McAffee Security

I can’t wait. I’m excited! I ordered the Office 2007 Student Edition from Amazon just before. It’s not that bad in price. I never thought I’d spend this much on a PC (and monitor) but I just hope I’ll have it a lot of years and that it’ll work fine. I’ve heard too many good things about Dell and I’m not geek enough, nor do I have the time to build a PC together by myself.

The PC will arrive on about June 8th!!


I found out yesterday that one of my former school mates died in a car accident. I haven’t seen this guy in years but still it was quite upsetting for me, he was such a nice guy. This is the first time someone I knew died in a car accident. I was so upset, I just started crying and I couldn’t stop. Yeah, I’m one of those persons who can’t handle death. I should work on that issue…


Aahhrrrg… I just searched Snark MB on who posted about Threadless, and it was SIGRUN!!! Thanks Sigrun – because of you I’m addicted to that place (Trayay aka Tracy is a 25.37 year old girl, has been a member since April 15, 2007, has scored 1496 submissions, giving an average score of 2.43.)! πŸ˜‰ But seriously – thanks! πŸ˜€

Threadless has a sale (one T-shirt 10 dollars) and, of course, I had to order two. This place is so cheap, and with the Euro being so high I actually pay less than when I’d buy a t-shirt here in Germany at a store (not including H&M). But American Apparel for example – a t-shirt costs 30 EURO!!!!! This place is so damn expensive!

This time I ordered slogan t-shirts.
They say:
– Procrastinators – leaders of tomorrow and
– In case of emergency break dance

Hehe πŸ˜€ Can’t wait for those either. Always such a nice surprise to see them in my mailbox.

This, and this, and that too
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I sold my car. Well actually, my parents sold it (thanks mom and dad). I actually wanted to sell it myself but realized that I have no time at all before the end of July and my parents offered to do it.

I wanted to sell James, the Mini, a long time ago but last year my mom would say absolutely NO to going down in price. This year though, I went down (I advertised it online and in the newspaper) and now it’s gone.

I got an email from a guy in Paris just asking “can I pay you less – cash?”. I’m always skeptical with people/emails like that, but an interesting email-chat between my mom and I came up:

Me: I replied to that person: “Hey there, sorry, we only do bank transfer, no cash”.

Her: But Trace, that means that he could come here with the cash and then all you have to do is go to the bank and have it checked out! Mom

Me: But Mom, he could come, from France, with two big and tall guys, have only a few Euros with him, kick dad in his balls, force you to give them blowjobs and then take off with the car… you know?

Her: What a big, super laugh I just had before I go in bed!! Especially with the blow jobs! And not only that – poor dad’s balls!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, we’re pretty open with each other haha.

I’m happy I sold him, he cost me so much the last years.

And I need a new PC, seeing my video card is kaputt – again (meaning I’m looking at a lot of pixel lines that move around the monitor) and I’d like to buy a Dell. I already search online daily, look at the different models and what you can order with them πŸ™‚

So.. Laptop or Tower??

It happened today
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First of all, thanks a lot for all the comments on this layout, I enjoyed reading them and I’m glad you’re liking this design.

Second – I ordered another shirt at Threadless.com which came last friday. Yay. Like it? I think it’s pretty cool – but pretty much every shirt there is pretty cool. Plus the quality is great. So – get yourself a credit card and start ordering πŸ™‚ I’m glad I got my credit card for “When I’m out of Europe – in case of money emergency” situations. I haven’t used it for this reason once.

Today – a small “catastrophe” happened. How proud am was I of myself that I have never, in those many years, ever dropped my camera. Well, today – it happened. I pulled it out of the lovers backpack and the camera flew right out of the case. Of course I blamed the lover for it (“You didn’t close it right”) but of course – it wasn’t his fault. In situations like this though I guess you always look for someone else to blame? Or no? Is it just me?
Anyways, it still works, but it won’t stop zooming. The zoom-button got pressed inside the camera and … yeah… πŸ™ I need to try to fix it. I sure hope it lets itself get fixed.
The lover and I drove up to the Olympia Hill to enjoy the sunset and we took pictures and I’m happy that I can still get the pictures on my PC.
Alex took that ^ picture. Now isn’t he creative? πŸ˜‰

Life’s quite busy. Or calm. Or whatever you want to call “studying all day”. It’s study time again and you’ll probably see the Category “library” quite often again. Exams are starting July 11th, I’m writing Photogrammetry, Thematical Cartography, SQL & Databases, Remote Sensing and Internet Cartography.
Some more, some less interesting. Just like in every study course, I guess?

New Layout
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Thanks guys for all your suggestions and comments on the layout. I’ll change and edit the design. πŸ˜‰

shirt I got sick of the busy layout two layouts ago – I made a simple dark layout – I didn’t like it, it was unfriendly and I didn’t want to look at my site – I create another “busy” layout which you are looking at now. At least it is friendly. πŸ™‚

I got inspired by this shirt I bought (move your eyes to the left). At the moment I can’t find my camera, so I’m posting this hot stranger. Well, the t-shirt itself didn’t inspire me – the colors did. I sat infront of the PC, opened Photoshop, double clicked on the color, looked at my shirt, looked at the colors in Photoshop πŸ™‚ I think it turned out quite ok, no?

I have two blog entries as drafts: Dream Cheating and The messynator. Explaining the first title – I had a dream a few days ago that Alex needed to earn money and I made the suggestion that he should work as a callboy and sleep with other women. Long dream short – in the end I didn’t want him to sleep with other women. Argh, I hate it when I dream of him cheating. I’ve dreamt that more often, let’s say about … three times in two years of our relationship.

About the latter post title – seeing I’m so busy with class right now my apartment is taking over… ME! The mess rules, the mess has total control over me. I am was good with cleaning the dishes, but now they’re just one big pile. I have piles of papers on my couch (my couch btw, turned into a closet and desk) which I need to organize – soon.

Ooh, if I had money I’d get a cleaning woman. I hope I’ll dream about that tonight…

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Sorry for not blogging (if you bother πŸ˜‰ ), but this layout is causing me depressions. I’m working on a new one and I hope I’ll get it up in a few days latest.