Things you should’t say to a pregnant me

During my first pregnancy, there have been a few comments from others that worried me or just made me think “WTF?!”. Here are some where I just nodded and smiled (or not).

  1. I hope you’ll have a girl
    That’s sweet, but why would you hope that and what is so bad about having a boy?
  2. Girls are so much less complicated
    Thanks, we’re having a boy, what do you know about them?
  3. Aw, you’re having a boy? Well maybe the next one will be a girl.
    I don’t know but I felt this is a rude thing to say. It’s like “yay, you’re pregnant, oh but damn, you’re pregnant with a boy, that sucks, I’m sorry you’re pregnant (with a boy).
  4. Wow, your belly is huge
    What size should it have?
  5. When I was as far as you I was much smaller
    That’s nice for you. I’m about two feet smaller and totally different built than you, so I guess every woman’s body may be different?
  6. You’ll never get your old body back
    That word never, how much I dislike it!
  7. Anything concerning the way or what I eat
    Let’s just keep it simple – I know I don’t have to eat for two and I know always eating healthy is the best thing you can do.
  8. Did you run up the stairs? Are you running?
    This goes to my bubby. No, I did not run up the 50 stairs to our apartment and no, I’m not running for a walk. I’m just carrying about 25+ more pounds than usual which makes me breathe harder than usual. Why do you always ask me that?!

To be continued, maybe…

It’s a Girl

Today it’s official – I’m becoming my second niece!

So, sometime in January 2014 I’ll have two nephews and two nieces 🙂 I’m having trouble remembering the birthyears already. I know the dates, but the year?! Too challenging to remember.

See T1, now you know what I blog about… important things like this (and enough not important crap 😉 ). You can even comment below 🙂

I posted this blog post exactly 7! years ago