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Clothes for bringing our Baby home
Hospital Bag #3: bringing our baby home

I love those cute little clothes for our Baby-Boy Bruno, they are just too adorable:

Clothes for bringing our Baby home

Clothes for bringing our Baby home

As we assume our Baby-Boy will be born sometime in March and as we know the weather here can be either sunny and warm or snowy and cold, we need to prepare.

I packed a few body suits, two caps, tiny tiny socks and “shoes“, a blanket to wrap him in (if he wants), cuddly pants and a cuddly jacket. If it’s really cold (or if we are being told we need it) we’ll put him in the snow suit.

He’ll be wearing the cute little romper suit which says “Thank heaven for little boys”

Thank heaven for little boys

Thank heaven for little boys body suit

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Hospital bag for after the birth
Hospital Bag #2: after birth

Here are the things I’m going to take with me to the hospital:

Hospital bag for after the birth

Hospital bag for after the birth

Not sure what I need but the bag is big 🙂

  1. Throw away panties (why bother with huge pads)
  2. Breastfeeding pads
  3. Pads
  4. Panties
  5. Our Baby Book (so that I can write down everything right away without forgetting something)
  6. Warm socks
  7. Towels and wash cloth (who knows if I need towels…)
  8. Wrap around cardigan
  9. Normal longsleeve
  10. Longsleeve for breastfeeding
  11. Nightgown for breastfeeding
  12. Breastfeeding tops
  13. Jogging pants
  14. Ultra long and thick pads
  15. Bodylotion, toothpaste, nipple cream, soap, shampoo & conditioner, bodycream, ear-plugs, throw away wash cloths
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My hospital labor bag
Hospital Bag #1: labor bag

It’s almost complete – the bag I’m going to take to the delivery room with me

My hospital labor bag

My hospital labor bag

  1. My birth plan and all important documents and diagnostic findings
  2. A Hello Kitty blanket for when I’m freezing
  3. Two comfy pants – I’ll probably wear the black ones on the way to the hospital
  4. Baby’s music teddy bear
  5. A notebook and pen for writing my at that moment non-online birth blog 🙂
  6. Tissues
  7. Slippers
  8. My iPod with music and charging cable
  9. Boxers and a T-Shirt for my bubby
  10. Sweets for my bubby (and maybe me if I’m in the mood for food)
  11. My camera and charging cable
  12. Pads and bigger sized panties
  13. Two pair of warm socks
  14. My delivery gown
  15. A bathrobe
  16. Body oil, Lip balm, face/hand cream, tooth brush & tooth paste, hairbrush, breast-feeding pads
  17. Hairbands

Still missing something to drink and maybe a massage ball.

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